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Coca Cola Channel Marketing Analysis

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Coca Cola – Jonathan Mildenhall’s Guest Lecture
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A strong brand is the most valuable and irreplaceable asset for a firm. Apple, Google, Coca Cola, Nike, VISA, McDonalds, and Disney, are a few prominent examples of legendary brands. Many companies recognize that the investment they make in the creation and communication of their brand will become a strategic differentiator in the future.n nThis course is designed to provide students with theoretical as well as applied appreciation and understanding of what it takes to build and sustain strong bands. To achieve these goals, the class will be co-taught by two academic and industry experts who will not only provide basic insights into branding basics but will also discuss cutting-edge research and technological developments in the area.n nProf. Khan will lead the first half of the course. This week will focus on conceptual and strategic frameworks for understanding basic branding concepts and answering core challenges such as, how to define and establish brand meaning and personality; how to measure and leverage brand equity; how to manage brand architecture; and how to establish brand leadership.n nIn the second week, the focus will switch to digital aspects of branding. This week will be led by Mr. Gopi Kallayil, Chief Evangelist, Brand Marketing, at Google. Mr. Kallayil will explore contemporary issues in brand marketing such as, how to construct and maintain brand meaning in the high customer involvement digital space; how to seize the opportunity of your super fans actively expressing brand love on digital; and how to leverage new customer experiences created with digital in branding strategy.n nStudents are required to attend and come prepared to all classes.

research and uses it to analyze the marketing communications campaign of Coca Cola Company ..

Prior to that role, he had served the company in a global mark
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Jonathan Mildenhall,
who was named to Ad Age’s Creativity 50 in 2012, was senior VP integrated marketing communication and design excellence for Coca-Cola North America.

was senior VP integrated marketing communication and design excellence for Coca-Cola North ..