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3. This section relates to the ‘Process information’ component ofthe clinical reasoning cycle.

Clinical Reasoning Process In Nursing

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Consider broadly the process information component ofthe clinical reasoning cycle and:12

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a Interpret
The next step of the clinical reasoning cycle is to interpret the data (cues) collected through careful analysis and to identify aberrations from normal. Always ask the question: ‘Are these cues normal for this person at this time and in this place?’
Which of the following would be considered to be within normal parameters for Giuseppe?
a Temperature:
b Apical rate:
c Pulse:
d Respiratory rate:
e Blood pressure: 36.4 – 37°C
weak, thready and irregular
64 beats per minute
16-20 breaths per minute
120/70 sitting and 110/65 standing

4. This section relates to the ‘Identify problems/issues’ component ofthe clinicalreasoning cycle.

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Nurses come to reasoned judgments so that they can act competently in practice.

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