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Living in large cities can be quite stressful especially in the 21st century. Cities can get over crowded, polluted and lack green spaces. This is largely due to increasing population of cities all over the world. There could be some advantages of living in cities particularly if the countryside lacks infrastructure and economic opportunities. People usually move to urban areas to find jobs and access better facilities.
Nowadays that has changed significantly, as more and more people settle there is a tremendous burden on the fragile transport systems, public utilities and housing. In some cities of Asia like Ho chi minh, Mumbai and Manila the quality of life is worse than smaller towns and villages. The level of air pollution in Chinese cities is causing health problems for the people. It has become very stressful to live in a large city. The benefits have eroded and there is less comfort. It is more of a struggle than an advantage. This scenario is true in not just the third world but also in the first world. It is not very different in New York city or London.
There are other problems for city residents as well. Urban crime is on the rise, the safety of city dwellers is at a risk. There is widespread urban poverty due to unemployment and migration. If city living is compared to rural life, the later would seem extremely attractive. That is because many villages and small towns offer good environment, peaceful neighborhoods and good basic facilities although there may not be high paying jobs.
Overall, the benefits of living away from cities outweighs those of living in large cities.

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