Christmas tree writing paper. Tons of free christmas paper

Where to buy the spoon christmas tree paper mache form?? Love these trees!

FREE Printable Christmas Snowflake Writing Paper

Peter also had the teachers and staff each write a wish for the world on a circular piece of construction paper - these were used for baubles on the tree.

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[…] christmas tree made of spoon from one project closer you can make it with Paper Mache, plastic spoons, spray paint and hot […]

I was looking around Pinterest for inspiration, when it hit. I found a link to a paper christmas tree template and decided to make it Minecraft style. My photography stinks, so bare with me, you’ll get the idea when you see the printable. Follow the tutorial on the link above, I didn’t, I just cut and pasted. Please excuse the silly overlay on my picture, it’s all I can do lol.

Where can you find the paper mache tree form? I love this and would love to make one. Yours look great.

3 Ways to Make a Paper Christmas Tree - wikiHow

A nice touch, suggested by Peter Hesselmann, is to have each child write a Christmas wish for themselves on one paper hand, and a Christmas wish for the world on the other.