I would question why she chose these careers to begin with.

You also can learn about the outlook for your prospective career using .

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A recent study found that 60% of graduates can’t find work in their field. Think about it – that means that over half of everyone in your graduating class will be unlikely to find work in their industry! If you want to avoid being one of the 60%, you’re going to have to be a little gutsy. Find local industry networking groups. If you’re planning on moving to a new city post-college, start doing your research and outreach. Above all, do not be scared to (politely) reach out to people in your field of interest and ask for advice! Sure, you may receive a few rejections, but more than likely, you’ll end up making some solid connections and acquiring some great advice. After all, it’s all about who you know, right?

A dynamic, actionable plan outlines the steps needed to achieve career, school and life goals.

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Having associated with contemporary composers and having written much modern musichimself, Bernstein was well aware that the pivotal significance of transcended mere popularity. Indeed, so much of what we now accept as "modernmusic" derives from . Carl Van Vechten (who got beat up in the openingnight melee) recalled that the audience had reacted so violently because they found thewhole thing "a blasphemous attempt to destroy music as an art." With the benefitof perspective, Edwin Evans more aptly described the score as "a conflict which isforever rending and tearing, not in order to destroy, but in order to emerge."Stravinsky recognized that traditional classical music had become stagnant and had toevolve quickly. He did not set out to destroy the old music, but his jagged rhythms, wildharmonies and violent dynamics gave birth to so much of the music of our time. Thus theproblem Bernstein faced was to present the score with startling freshness to an audiencethat was apt to take its innovations for granted. After all, in the 45 years since thepremiere of modern notions of rhythm had grown sophisticated through jazz,traditional musical form had become superseded by chance music, the outer bounds oftonality and dissonance had been supplanted by serial music, and crashing chords seemeddownright placid compared to high-decibel rockers and computer-generated .

Plans are then brought to life—whether for a career, job or college—by taking informed action.

Although there are many agents in this career field, the competitive environment portrayed daily makes this career one that may prove to be unsuitable for the meek.

Choosing a career is one of the most important decisions you will make in life.

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Lenny's enthusiasm for music exploded during his teen years. He staged amateur operas,dabbled at composition, and played on a radio show sponsored by his father's beauty supplycompany, a harbinger of the broad scope of his future professional activity. He becameparticularly adept at improvising variations in the styles of various classical and popcomposers, an early manifestation of the eclecticism that led him to value all music andto cite examples from the Beatles as readily as from Beethoven or to prefer attending aJimi Hendrix concert to a classical recital. He practiced the piano voraciously at allhours of the night; significantly, though, Lenny's was not the type of focussed, incessantrepetition aimed at perfection but rather a spontaneous outburst of the sheer joy ofplaying and invention that would characterize his career.

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The only musicians Sam had known had been – impoverished, itinerantentertainers in his native Ukraine, who played at weddings, bar mitzvahs and funerals inthe hope of some spare change and an occasional meal. Sam wanted far better for his firstson. Despite Leonard's fascination with the music he heard on the radio and in thesynagogue, Sam was determined that a musical career was out of the question.

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After receiving a strict, classical education at the prestigious 300-year old BostonLatin School, Bernstein attended Harvard. His pianism excelled and he became known as aprodigiously talented sight-reader. Bored with the highly theoretical music courses, heinstead studied language and philosophy, while immersing himself in a wide variety ofextracurricular musical experiences: playing silent film accompaniment, writing scathingcriticism, and even staging Gilbert & Sullivan operettas. Bernstein's first year and ahalf at Harvard was uneventful, and he appeared headed for a career as a concert pianist,if only he would settle down. But then 1937 brought a dizzying succession of threeinfluences that would shape Bernstein's personality and career.

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More thought must go into choosing the right career path; as one cannot flip flop back and forth, going from a doctor one minute to a fashion designer the next....