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In fact, the victims of the largest mass lynching in American history were Chinese (Johnson)....

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For better understanding and communication between China and Australia, it is important to find out the differences and similarities between Chinese identity and Australian identity.

It is crucial to understand the historical context of immigration in America....

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From the 1840s onwards, Chinese people have come to Australia inspired by dreams of happiness, longevity and prosperity - of 'jade and gold' in a new and strange land. For most of that time, Chinese people in Australia have been predominantly male. Most of them were temporary sojourners who came to earn money for their families back in the village - most did not intend to settle in Australia.

China, as an East Asian country, has a different national identity from Australia.

Despite the predominance of male sojourning, a small proportion of Chinese men in nineteenth-century Australia brought their wives and children to live with them, or married here. As Australian-born children of these families grew to adulthood, their parents would seek brides and grooms on their behalf amongst other Chinese families in Australia.

Now no longer being updated but kept online (other providers please note!) as a clear history of Canadian immigration 1800-1939.

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He has grown vegetables in his market garden for over 50 years!
Traditional Chinese methods
6400 people in Australia born in China
Senior Constable Ward
In Victoria
3 519 people from China arrived to live in Australia
There were 37 468 people from China arrived to live in Australia
6 124 people from China arrived to live in Australia
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In pairs you will plan, construct, edit and perform
an interview about the story of a Chinese migrant.

Chinese Immigration to Australia During the Gold Rush Essay

Not everyone in the Chinatown is aware of everyone’s “real” histories which is so dark, depressing, and maybe even more worse than Poh-Poh’s, who used to be a servant and worked for the rich Chin family.

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Louis found gold and became a prosperous merchant as well as a Chinese spokesman.
Estimated over 50 000 Chinese came to Victoria on the urge to search for gold
John Alloo and many other Chinese people began to set up businesses
Chinese labourers helped build the Great Northern Railway
Also, many Chinese left for New Zealand as the Gold Rush was over in Australia

Employment on farms
Beginning market gardens
Cabinet Makers
Sugar plantations
Laundry services
Sam Poo, a Chinese bushranger in the Tambarroora and Mudgee aread of NSW, was captured and hanged
Approximately 30 000 Chinese living in Australia!
Federation and the White Australian Policy caused many Chinese to leave Australia

By the end of WW2 there were only 9000 Chinese left in Australia
'Georgie' of Donald in Victoria arrived in Australia from Canton in a mail boat.

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The majority of post-1905 Chinese brides of Chinese-Australian sons were never able to settle here. Some children were born in China or Hong Kong. Some were born in Australia. Families like this were split for decades, until immigration laws were relaxed.

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The Chinese prospectors were perhaps the most controversial and the most interesting nationality to come to the goldfields Assistance given on arrival There was more or less no assistance of any kind given to the Chinese migrants, as immigration was rather a haphazard affair in the 19th century (especially to an isolated young country like Australia) and the level of racism encountered by Chinese prospectors on arrival made goldmining and making a living in Australia even harder....