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This amazing movie unfolds—or should I say unreels?— in four stages with a final coda: the crime; the detection of the criminal; the capture of the criminal; the trial of the criminal, and a last comment.

Although both man and woman can be victims of domestic violence, women are more likely to report their abuse than men are.

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Michel spoke well of his educators and praised their teaching techniques, but he chastised the stern discipline of most of the schools during his time, saying that if one were to visit a college where lessons were in progress, nothing could be heard, save “the cries of children being beaten and of masters drunk with anger.”1 In his essay, Of the Education of Children,...

The main objective in this society is to have control of people through entertainment, which includes television, music, video games and magazines....

Enjoying: To me, the amazing thing about this film is the way Lang has integrated all these various elements: the circles, the clocks, the groups of men, the straight lines and triangles, the details of police work, the insanity plea, the mother's cooking, Lohmann's cigars, and on and on. The management of detail in this film seems almost miraculous to me, and watching these details unfold or unreel is what I enjoy most in this film.

Children are brain washed to the point of violence; children want to carry weapons like the characters they play in the video games.

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In effect, Lang is contrasting two conflicting views of man and crime, the psychological view and the legal and moral view. Psychologists and psychiatrists work in the deterministic world of science. Psychology says that humans are driven by stimuli and laws of behavior. Human behavior is determined. This is the view Beckert so pathetically urges. The law (in the person of one himself guilty of killings) says that that’s irrelevant. People are morally responsible, and they can only be morally responsible if they have choices. They are not determined. And whether or not they have choices, the justice system must get rid of this person who is disrupting society, that is, the profits from criminal activity and the cozy relationship between Papa Lohmann and his “children,” the everyday criminals.

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She can prove that she is able to feed and clothe her children and pay for their school educations out of the small income she earns from her job sewing and knitting for other people in the village.

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However, with the women¹s liberation movement of the 1970s, physician-assisted and self-insemination has become more and more popular among heterosexual career women and lesbians.

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In the third stage the film becomes an inverse heist movie. In a quasi-military operation, much more efficient than the cops’ earlier raid on a criminal hangout, the criminals knock out the watchmen and take over the office building, not to steal anything but to find Beckert. And they do. He is hidden among vertical lines in an attic. They take him away.