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Fifty-one percent of child abuse or neglect victims were girls and 49 percent were boys.

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The only multidisciplinary international organization that brings together a worldwide cross-section of committed professionals to work toward the prevention and treatment of child abuse, neglect and exploitation globally.

The Child Protective Services Division investigates reports of abuse and neglect of children

Child Abuse and Neglect—Breaking The Cycle

1. Is child sexual abuse rare?
2. Are child sexual abuse crimes underreported?
3. Is child sexual abuse usually perpetrated by strangers?
4. Do parents sexually abuse their own children?
5. Are other family members responsible for a large portion of all sex crimes committed against children?
6. Do adult non-relatives known to the child often commit sex crimes against children?
7. Is child sexual abuse most frequently committed by males?
8. Are batterers more likely than non-violent parents to sexually abuse their children?
9. Is possession of child pornography related to child sexual abuse perpetration?
10. Does child sexual abuse have harmful effects?
11. Is incest more damaging than child sexual abuse by a stranger?
12. Can symptoms resulting from child sexual abuse be ameliorated?
13. Can sex offender treatment reliably prevent recidivism?
14. Are allegations of child sexual abuse common in highly contested custody and visitation disputes?
15. Are allegations of child sexual abuse which are reported in highly contested custody disputes more likely to be maliciously fabricated than such allegations reported in other contexts?
16. Do children often maliciously fabricate allegations of child sexual abuse?
17. Do parents involved in highly contested custody disputes often maliciously fabricate allegations of child sexual abuse against the other parent?
18. Are fathers responsible for making a significant percentage of the child abuse allegations that are later found by courts to have been maliciously fabricated?
19. Are mothers responsible for making a significant percentage of the child sexual abuse allegations that are later found by courts to have been maliciously fabricated?
20. Do sexually abused children commonly recant their allegations of abuse?
21. Is it common for children in child custody disputes to be successfully alienated from one parent by the other parent?
22. Can medical professionals usually determine if a child has been sexually abused?
23. Can mental health professional investigators determine if a child has been sexually abused?
24. Can a child's testimony about sexual abuse, standing alone, be considered evidence beyond a reasonable doubt, used to obtain a conviction in criminal court?
25. Should a child be protected based solely on his or her disclosure of sexual abuse?
26. Are children protected in family courts when child sexual abuse is raised in custody disputes?
27. Do cases involving abuse allegations take up more court time and resources than other family court cases?

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Child abuse can be physical, sexual, or emotional. Neglect—the failure to provide for a child’s basic physical and emotional needs—is also a form of child abuse. In homes where child abuse occurs, fear, instability, and confusion may replace the love, comfort, and nurturing that children need. Although child abuse may not always lead to serious physical injury, it often results in serious emotional harm and may have long-lasting effects.

A look at state efforts to address child sexual abuse through training and curriculum for children and school staff, known as Erin's Law.

Attachment Therapy — Child Abuse by Another Name

In studies conducted between 1983 and 2004, 60% of children who met the criteria for child abuse/neglect had families that were cruel to their pets....

Attachment Therapy Child Abuse by Another Name

You may not feel confident about discussing this sensitive subject with children, especially if you have never done so. Please see for age-appropriate language to help you respond to children’s commonly asked questions about abuse and neglect.

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Child abuse is seldom a single event. It usually occurs with regularity, often increasing in severity and in conjunction with other types of abuse and neglect. Child abuse happens in every community, rural and urban, and crosses all boundaries of economics, race, ethnic heritage, and religious faith. Most often the abuser has a close relationship with the child (such as a parent, stepparent, or other caregiver). However, abuse by strangers does occur.

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As an adult you may encounter a child who has been hurt by abuse. Regardless of your role in that child’s life—parent, teacher, coach, neighbor, family member—you can help. Children who have experienced abuse need caring adults to help them recognize it’s not their fault, to provide support, and to help them grow into healthy adults. Whether it’s helping to protect a child or helping a child to heal and thrive, you can make a difference in a child’s life.

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During 2009, 763,000 children in the United States were victims of maltreatment. Of these, 62 percent were victims of neglect, 14 percent were physically abused, 8 percent were sexually abused, and 6 percent were psychologically maltreated.