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These are some of the questions that the effective teacher may ask themselves.

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However,this hypothesis fails to explain (a) why the correlation also holds among students within the sameclass (who presumably are beneficiaries of the same teaching effectiveness), (b) why it holdsbetween classes taught by the same instructor when the instructor varies the grade distribution,(c) why there is a greater correlation between grades and ratings when one looks at the student'srelative grade (i.e., the student's grade in this class compared with his/her grade in other classes),as opposed to the student's absolute grade.

These decisions can have a major impact on student learning and how effective they are as teachers.

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Beidler makes an interesting distinction between the two. First, he notes that student evaluations can be deceiving. Good teachers tend not to believe the positive evaluations and agonize over the one or two mediocre ones, continually trying to improve their teaching. Mediocre teachers do the opposite -- they trust the good evaluations and brush off the negative ones. Beidler believes strongly that the best teachers are those who listen to what their students say about good teaching in general rather than about any one particular teacher. For example, in surveys, students almost universally state that the best teachers are those who are available, accessible, approachable and, most importantly, are excited about what they teach. A teacher who models his or her teaching style on the characteristics valued by students will be a successful educator.

An effective teacher is a teacher that produces the result that is wanted.

"Differentiating instruction means creating multiple paths so that students of different abilities, interest or learning needs experience equally appropriate ways to absorb, use, develop and present concepts as a part of the daily learning process. It allows students to take greater responsibility and ownership for their own learning, and provides opportunities for peer teaching and cooperative learning" (para. 2).

So we have to discern from the pages of the book as to whether Krishna is an effective teacher.

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An introduction to the exceptional learner. Examines the history, principles, and legal requirements as well as the diverse characteristics and learning styles of exceptional learners. Discusses differentiated teaching strategies in both inclusive and skill-based environments. Multicultural diversity, normalization, and integration addressed. (Required for all individuals who major in Special Education-Interventionist K-8, Special Education-Comprehensive, and Interdisciplinary Studies for state licensure; and students seeking a minor in Special Education.

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Prerequisite: EESE 1010; cannot be taken concurrently with EESE 1010. Content provides knowledge, skills, and dispositions associated with effective teaching and learning. Incorporates four hours field experience.

Don't get me wrong, some of my teachers were great

Schueler draws our attention to a related case:

Socrates, who is usually thought to have been one of the world's "Great Teachers," neverthelessreceived rather low marks from his "students" on his final teaching evaluation.

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In order for the instruction to be effective, and in order for the change in the life of the students to be lifelong, the teacher must instill discipline and “make disciples” out of students.

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Districts across the country are rethinking layoff strate­gies. This is sensible, because although the simplicity and transparency of a seniority-based system certainly has advantages, it is hard to argue that it is in the best interest of students. The effectiveness-based system in our simulation would result in a very different group of teachers targeted for layoffs than does the current system and in layoffs that affect different segments of the student population. Most importantly, the differences in the effectiveness of teach­ers laid off under each type of system have implications for student achievement.