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Some of the common questions about how to write your own character analysis essays are as follows:

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Basically, every good essay has an introduction, body and conclusion. The five paragraph essay has 3 paragraphs in the body, each one covering a main topic.

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While writing a character analysis essay you are making a critical view of the character which you have chosen in your work and you can turn an antagonist into a protagonist or vice versa if you don’t study your character too well. However, whatever kind of the character you choose to portray in your essay, you must not forget to link the evidence to the main work from where the character has been derived. This is because without referring to the evidence, say a novel or drama, you won’t be able to support your views on the character.

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Often schools and colleges ask their students to write a character analysis essay, which might be based on a novel, short story, drama or any other kind of literary work. The aim of writing a character analysis essay is to highlight the character and analyze it according to your own perspectives. For example, if you read about a bad character in a novel or short story, you are filled with negative thoughts about that particular character. If given a chance, you will all probably say nasty things about the character as you don’t like the character due to the negative role played by it in the story or novel. In doing the analysis, you are making a detailed observation of the character and also giving your own interpretation of the character based on what you have observed or noticed. When you are writing a character analysis essay, you are not just making an analysis of the character(s) alone, you are also developing that character by revealing the details of the character, like what the character is doing, what it is thinking about, how it reacts to other characters and situations, etc.

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Sometimes it is beneficial to have an essay example to use as an illustration or pattern for writing your own essays. However, with this type of essay, a prewritten character analysis example essay will simply not give you the results you desire. There is not enough detail to give you the in-depth view of the character that your professor will expect.

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We the rather insert this passage here, inasmuch as we have no doubt it has been expunged from the Family Shakespear. Such critics do not perceive that the feelings of the heart sanctify, without disguising, the impulses of nature. Without refinement themselves, they confound modesty with hypocrisy. Not so the German critic, Schlegel. Speaking of ROMEO AND JULIET, he says, "It was reserved for Shakespear to unite purity of heart and the glow of imagination, sweetness and dignity of manners and passionate violence, in one ideal picture." The character is indeed one of per-fect truth and sweetness. It has nothing forward, nothing coy, nothing affected or coquettish about it;-it is a pure effusion of nature. It is as frank as it is modest, for it has no thought that it wishes to conceal. It reposes in conscious innocence on the strength of its affections. Its delicacy does not consist in coldness and reserve, -but in combining warmth of imagination and tenderness of heart with the most voluptuous sensibility. Love is a gentle flame that rarefies and expands her whole being. What an idea of trembling haste and airy grace, borne upon the thoughts of love, does the Friar's exclamation give of her, as she approaches his cell to be married—