“Censorship is necessary in modern society”.

Another argument for censorship is that it is necessary to ensure social harmony

Conformity and Censorship on Society Essay Example …

Censorship proves necessary here.
▰ Books may be used to portray wrong information about individuals or groups that could incite violence against them.

Though some people claim that censorship curbs freedom of expression and right to information, others are of the opinion that it is a necessary evil.

Conformity and Censorship on Society Essay

Social media has influenced the modern society so much that we are often termed as the twitter generation. It has become a tool and platform to disseminate information around the world. The media has given people a greater control to decide and have an input in their lives.

With the introduction of television and Internet, many important developments have taken place in the field of censorship around the world.

Other kind of content that features sexual material like bedroom "toys", nude advertisements and imagery are all under control in countries that severely go against such content.

Media censorship needs to be exercised to a great extent, given the situation the world is in when it comes to such shady arenas.

During both World War I and World War II strict military censorship was laid on the freedom of press.

Censorship is necessary in modern society.

Watching South Park should be a wake up call for those who love morality and uprightness in society. The greatest challenge for the next generation is how the current one treats the use of censorship in general. Censorship is not an infringement on the freedom of speech; rather, it is a moral duty to make sure that we raise men and women who can be trusted with steering the nation to greater heights. Although freedom of speech is an institutional right, which allows people to speak freely and express facts and opinions without censorship, this freedom must be subject to reasonable limitations. Indeed, people ought to speak freely without interference or intimidation from the government (Batura 23). However, although freedom of speech is necessary for a nation to be democratic, it should not be allowed to the extent that it ruins young children, and by extension, the next generation. This essay will discuss why music censorship is necessary. The paper will show that sexual content (as used in the South Park), the use of offensive words (Hip-hop music), and profanity (2 Pac) are harmful for the young generation.

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Censorship is good for security reasons as well as socio-economic emancipation of any society. Every society needs people of high morality for it to continue experiencing growth and prosperity. To draw an analogy from the military, it is not wise to expose a country’s military intelligence because this would compromise the country’s security. If this happens, there would be a high possibility for external attack. Indeed, it is a fact that women and children suffer the most if any war breaks. Other than external aggression, internal discontent may also emerge if media is allowed to send military discrediting content to the public (Batura 103). This scenario will replicate itself in the leadership structure of any nation. A morally rotten generation of leaders, those exposed to dirty music, has little to offer in terms of development. Studies show that young people try to put into practice whatever they see or hear. Therefore, there is a need to secure the young generation from any content that might injure their moral inclinations.

Censorship is necessary in modern society ..

Society should allow the greatest good to flow from one generation to another. This would require censorship of any music content that does not have the right input on young people. South Park has songs written by Parker and sung by Hayes. The songs have a sexually suggestive connotation as in R&B, which might not be good for young children. Indeed, listening to music should be relaxing. Music should educate society and should carry words that are less offensive unlike what we see in hip-hop music. However, if music has content that is explicit and profane, then it is not good for people to listen to such music. 2 Pac is a good case of music with a lot of profanity and content that is not good for raising responsible citizen.