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 Throughout history, the media has caught some of the most horrific scenes on camera.

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“Americans’ acceptance of weddings as visual entertainment and their vicarious enjoyment of the social lives of the rich and famous,” encourage media to continue covering celebrity weddings and life in general in great detail (Jellison 113).

The positive and negative effects of celebrity social media usage are neck and neck.

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The change has taken place in large measure because the media itself has become so powerful and so out of control, there is no longer any way for it to keep what it is doing under wraps.

The media is sculpting our society as it controls the structure of our civilization.

This negative association was found particularly in the 45 - 54 age bracket, where 65% of respondents said they were hardly influenced by celebrity endorsement when making purchase decisions.

The main purposes of mass media are to provide information, entertainment and advertisement.

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Public personalities also have a private life that they want to shield from others. Just because they are famous, the media doesn’t have the right to publish all sorts of personal information about them. It has now become fashionable to publish photos and stories that are demeaning to famous people. This trend must be condemned. Everybody has flaws; however, when a celebrity exhibits them it becomes news. People get some weird pleasure from knowing that these famous men and women that they admire are not perfect.

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However such view had changed over time, like the arguably most successful US comedian George Carlin once challenged: “I pray to Joe Pesci, and the chance of getting what I want is still 50/50, like praying to the invisible guy in the sky”.

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To conclude, constant media scrutiny is a byproduct of stardom. A person who enjoys the benefits of being a celebrity must be willing to take the negative aspects as well. In my opinion, celebrities should take this sportingly. By choosing to become a celebrity they themselves have agreed to be in the limelight. So, they should take any intrusion into their personal life as part of their fame.

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And the producer-director of this stage-set world, who blocks Truman's effort to escape, is the giant media companies, news organizations, and media-politicians that have a stake in keeping us surrounded by falsehood, and are prepared to lure us with rewards as they block efforts at reforming the system.

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On the flip side, there is a symbiotic relationship between celebrities and the media. One depends on the other for their existence. Celebrities need media exposure to remain celebrities. They are desperate to stay in the news. They need media attention to build their career. They become conscious of their right to privacy only after they have established themselves in the industry. At that stage, however, they can’t expect the media, which fuelled their growth, to stop writing about them.