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One of these gruesome events happens to be World War I, which was evoked by many different causes.

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The explosive that was World War One had been long in the stockpiling; the spark was of Archduke , heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, in Sarajevo on 28 June 1914. ( to view film footage of Ferdinand arriving at Sarajevo's Town Hall on 28 June 1914.)

Nationalism was also a major cause of war, it caused problems especially in Austria- Hungary and France.

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The cause of this war cannot be accredited to one single event but rather an assassination of a nation’s leader and many political philosophies including militarism, nationalism, imperialism and the formation of alliances.

World War one consisted of two major Alliances, the first were the Allies dubbed the Triple Entente and the Central Powers dubbed the Triple Alliance.

Here I'll describe the unique set of qualities of Hitler's personality, and then explain why without them Hitler, or anyone else, could not lead Germany so fast to a second war, a World War that shook the world and almost drowned it in blood.

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Such were the mechanics that brought the world's major nations into the war at one time or another. It's clear from the summary above that the alliance system was as much at fault as anything in bringing about the scale of the conflict.

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Austria-Hungary signed an alliance with Romania in 1883, negotiated by Germany, although in the event Romania - after starting World War One as a neutral - eventually ; as such Austria-Hungary's treaty with Romania was of no actual significance.

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The assassination did not occur because of an alliance or treaty, nor did the war with Serbia occur because of an alliance which plunged all of Europe into a war.

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Alliances pulled countries into war because if they were not followed a threat of retaliation would be expected.

On the other hand.

Other causes include Nationalists wanting freedom, causing the Slavs to ultimately assassinate the duke and causing hate towards to Austrian empire.

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It was unprecedented in diplomatic history, and Hitler managed, with incredible skill and astonishing success, using all the characteristics of his unique personality described above, to arrange and initiate a series of crises on the brink of war, and come out the winner with great gains, territorial and other, time and again, and without actually starting a war, a war which until 1939 he was going to lose because the German military was still too small and ill-equipped to win.

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They all believed their own propaganda about their military preparedness and about their own superiority.” 2 “ They had all been deceived in to believing that they were embarking on a war of movement and attack, in which a few, sharp blows would lead to a rapid and adventurous position.” Military personnel knew very little about their opponents capability of destroying and attacking which placed a lot of unnecessary bloodshed on the fields.

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But by 1911 A.J.P Taylor said “the entente was in the process of disintegration.” and was not seen as strong, because of the triple alliance Germany came to Austria’s aid willingly, which plunged Germany into war.
When Germany declared war on France and Russia, Austria- Hungary was pulled into that battle to fulfill their part of the alliance.