"Weakness of old age" isgiven as the cause of death.

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Rudolph, aformer chemist, claimed in his report that since he had failed to findtraces of Zyklon B on the bricks of gas chambers, mass gassings of Jewscould not have occurred at Auschwitz".

"Auschwitz, the infamous Nazi death Camp." Great Britain's foremostJewish journalist, author and holocaust researcher, Gitta Sereny,smacked in the face: "Auschwitz was a terribleplace—but it was not an extermination camp." London, August 29, 2001.

Hundreds of billions ofdollars have been raised for Jewish causes because of the Holocaust.

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Fourteen yearslater, when he had become president of the Institut d'histoire du tempsprésent (Institute of Contemporary History), once again he made nomention of them in a 1,013-page work entitled Notre Siècle de 1918 à1988 Paris: Fayard, 1988).

Since March 1996, the Jewish-American historian Daniel Jonah Goldhagenhas been treated as the darling of the media the world over, thanks tohis book Hitler's Willing Executioners: Ordinary Germans and theHolocaust (New York: Knopf, 1996, xiv-634 pp.).

Finkelstein states that manypowerful Zionist groups have used the Holocaust to amass vast sums ofmoney.

Thilo recorded the cause of death as "accumulationof fluid in the intestine and weakness of old age."

This Auschwitz camp death certificate reports that prisoner Josef Buck,a Jewish teacher from Kattowitz, was when he died on August 1, 1941.

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Entress reported the cause of death as "influenza with heartfailure."

Ernestine Hochfelder, a Jewish inmate who had been deported to the campfrom Slovakia, was whenshe died in Auschwitz on June 4, 1942.

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Old age and physicalweakness is given as the cause of death.

Salomon Serlui, a Jewish laborer from the Netherlands, was when he died in Auschwitz onOctober 16, 1942.

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"Weakness of old age" is given as the cause ofdeath.

Julius Sonnenberg, a salesman from Germany, was when he died on February 27, 1943, of "anginapectoris." His religion is cited as "non-believing, formerlyJewish."

Abraham Blok, a Jewish butcher from the Netherlands, was when he died of "old age" onMarch 6, 1943.

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Some entries from the Auschwitz death books
According to the holocaust legend, Jewish prisonerswho arrived at Auschwitz between the spring of 1942 and the fall of1944, and who were not able to work, were immediately put to death andthat no records were kept of such deaths (even though all other deathswhere recorded in detail).

German journalist and researcher Wolfgang Kempkens, obtained copies ofsome 800 of the death certificates from sources in Poland and Russia.

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The death books consist of 46 volumes which document each death atAuschwitz (each death certificate consists of the deceased person'sfull name, profession and religion, date and place of birth, pre-Auschwitz residence, parents' names, time of death, and cause of deathas determined by a camp physician).

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Despite a casual reduction in the number of deaths by 2.5 million thenumber of Jewish victims who perished in the holocaust of World War IIremains unchanged at 6,000,000.

1,000,000 Source: Jean-Claude Pressac, writing in his 1989 book This isinteresting since he wrote his book to repudiate so-called "Holocaustdeniers" who were called that precisely because they had questioned thenumbers of those who had died at Auschwitz.