These are the advantageous effects of increasing divorce rates.

Another cause to confirm the recent increase in divorce rates is stress in modern living.

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Marriage can be a beautiful thing, but some couples are unable to maintain their relationship, because they choose divorce as a solution to cope with the problems between husband and wife.

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Cause and Effects of Divorce on Children

Although, these three cause of the recent rise in divorce rates are expressed above, there are also two effects of the recent increase of divorce rates: negative effects and positive effects

Firstly, the effects of recent enlargement in divorce rates are negative effects.

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Such an unfavorable problem has been increasing, because in 1969, the legislation of California State changed the divorce laws, where spouses could leave without providing causes (Child Study Center, 2001)....

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4. You won't start your married life in crushing debt. It's often said that financial issues are the biggest cause of arguments and difficulties in a marriage, sometimes leading all the way to divorce. Doesn't it make sense to ensure you and your wife-to-be are in the black as soon as humanly possible? Saving for a down payment, creating an emergency fund, and putting aside money to invest are all substantially easier when you're not paying hundreds of dollars a month to the lending institution that financed the diamond purchase.

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A: There are three New Testament passages that bear most directly on the subject of divorce and remarriage. I suggest that when they are carefully considered, they prove to be both more demanding and less restrictive on the question of divorce and remarriage than evangelicals have often acknowledged.

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Experts say that divorce rates are bound to go down further because more and more couples are going in for live-in relationships rather than opting for marriage.

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It has been observed that the divorce rates are higher in certain places like Europe and America, where individual freedom is given more importance, than in Asian or African nations, where familial and social opinions are highly stressed upon.

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Almost all New Testament scholars agree that this saying is an abbreviation of a saying of Jesus that appears in its fuller form in Matthew 5:31–32 in the Sermon on the Mount. After discussing his views contrasted with those in Judaism, Jesus remarks, "It was also said, 'Whoever divorces his wife, let him give her a certificate of divorce.' But I say to you that anyone who divorces his wife, except on the ground of unchastity, causes her to commit adultery; and whoever marries a divorced woman commits adultery."