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By saying Communism and Socialism are wrong, you are full out supporting Capitalism.

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Gedicks,Albert J. “Working Class Radicalism Among Finnish Immigrants in Minnesota andMichigan Mining Communities.” Ph.D. diss. University of Wisconsin, 1979.

I didn't know socialism from communism..or from capitalism too for that matter!

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May,Gary. . New York:Oxford University Press, 1994. Remington, named by Elizabeth Bentley as a minorsource of her Soviet espionage ring, was convicted of perjury and died inprison in a fight with other inmates. May suggests that Remington did lie abouthis Communist background and that considerable evidence backs up Bentley’sstory but that the government prosecution of Remington was deeply flawed andlegally improper.

O’Brien,Kevin John. “Dennis v. U.S.: The Cold War, The Communist Conspiracy and theF.B.I.” Ph.D. diss. Cornell University, 1979.

Weber,Timothy P. “Finding Someone to Blame: Fundamentalism and Anti-SemiticConspiracy Theories in the 1930s.” 24, no. 2(Summer 1992). Describes the variety of positions regarding Jews, communism,and anti-Semitism among fundamentalist Christians.

Epstein,Barbara. “Anti-Communism, Homophobia, and the Construction of Masculinity inthe Postwar U.S.”  20, no. 3 (1994).

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Glotzer,Albert. “The Brutal March Backward.” 9, no. 3 (Fall 1996). Essay-review ofVolkogonov’s : discusses what it shows of the relationship ofCommunist parties with the Comintern.

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Rivlin,Gary. “A Long March From Maoism to Microsoft.” , 5December 2004. On Sidney Rittenberg’s current status as a highly paidconsultant to American businesses wanting assistance in making contacts withhigh lever Chinese Communist party and government officials.

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Peeler,David P. “America’s Depression Culture: Social Art and Literature of the1930s.” Ph.D. diss. University of Wisconsin, 1980. Argues that artists andwriters were largely ambivalent or opposed to Communism despite their bitterindictment of American capitalism.

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Chamberlin,William Henry, ed. . Washington &Chicago: Human Events, 1946. Reproduces theses of theThird (Communist) International documents: The Theses andStatutes of 1920, Constitution and Rules of 1928, and the Program of 1928.

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Epstein,Barbara. “Anti-Communism, Homophobia, and the Construction of Masculinity inthe Postwar U.S.” Paper presented at “Rethinking the Cold War Conference.”University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1991.

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Footman,David, ed. . London, U.K.: Chatto & Windus,1960. Essay include: Degras. J. United front tactics in the Comintern,1921-1928.--Lowenthal, R. The Bolshevisation of the Spartacus League.--Hunt, R.C. N. Willi Muenzenberg.--Browder, E. Socialism in America.--Wint, G. Communismin India.--Leonhard, W. International communism: the present phase.