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This strike us as very odd. Most other subjects—for instance, geology, orlinguistics, or algebra—are not subject to disagreements at all like this; their disputes arefar fewer in number and take place against a backdrop of substantial agreement in basictheory; and they tend to be more tentative and more easily resolved. Why is politics subjectto such widespread, strong, and persistent disagreements? Consider four broadexplanations for the prevalence of political disagreement:

I defensively disagree on the claim that it should be put into effect on convicted murderer.

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I look for explanations for the phenomenon of widespread, strong, and persistentdisagreements about political issues. The best explanation is provided by the hypothesisthat most people are irrational about politics and not, for example, that political issues areparticularly difficult or that we lack sufficient evidence for resolving them. I discuss howthis irrationality works and why people are especially irrational about politics.

These statistics show that few people are against capital punishment (“Fact” 1).

The third and biggest problem with the Divergent Values theory is that politicaldisputes involve all sorts of non-moral disputes. People who disagree about the ofcapital punishment also tend to disagree about the non-moral about capitalpunishment. Those who support capital punishment are much more likely to believe thatit has a deterrent effect, and that few innocent people have been executed. Those whooppose capital punishment tend to believe that it does not have a deterrent effect, and thatmany innocent people have been executed. Those are factual questions, and my moralvalues should not have any effect on what I think about those factual questions. Whethercapital punishment deters criminals is to be determined by examining statistical evidenceand scientific studies on the subject—not by appealing to our beliefs about the nature ofjustice. Of course, it may be that my moral values affect my beliefs about those factualquestions because I am irrational—that would be consistent with the theory put forwardin this paper.

My argument is that: 1) Capital punishment is not an effective deterrent for heinous crimes.

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Hello ma’am
I want to know what exactly is the difference between agree/disagree and discussion/give opinion essay.
Actually i aligned to one side completely in my essay which states to discuss both views and give your opinion
Is it wrong??
Moreover, i also wrote ‘i agree with this……’ in introduction.
Does it effect my scores.

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and another question:
it will be ok or not? if i write about both side but the opinion is completly agree or completly disagree at the introduction paragraph in agree/disagree essay?

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I personally stand against capital punishment, but my own personal view on it incorporates a few mixed elements from both individuals as well as my own personal insight....

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I wanted your help with this. If I discuss both sides in an agree/disagree , how will i make my essay more academic and different from discuss both sides question?

that society has to agree to disagree.

The irrationality hypothesis is superior to alternative explanations of politicaldisagreement in its ability to account for several features of political beliefs and arguments:the fact that people hold their political beliefs with a high degree of confidence; the fact thatdiscussion rarely changes political beliefs; the fact that political beliefs are correlatedwith race, sex, occupation, and other cognitively irrelevant traits; and the fact thatnumerous logically unrelated political beliefs—and even, in some cases, beliefs thatrationally each other—tend to go together. These features of political beliefs arenot explained by the hypotheses that political issues are merely very difficult, that we justhaven’t yet collected enough information regarding them, or that political disputes areprimarily caused by people’s differing fundamental value systems.