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Using fear-based tactics of recruitment (like telling women, "You'll die in six months if you don't undergo chemotherapy..."), the breast cancer industry manages to corral women of all races and ages into treatments that actually harm far more women than they help.

Find that hard to believe?

Think about women having breasts amputated to avoid breast cancer in the future.

You have surely heard the term "stress, the silent killer"?

(University Medical Degree).

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You may be chastised.

Yet no one in the cancer industry seems interested in teaching any of these strategies to women.

I recently tried to help a 17 year old boy with brain cancer whose father insisted on only using Coley's Toxins (killed bacteria) and wouldn't give him other necessary supplements and blenderized vegetables, as well as avoiding sugar/starches, etc.

Researchers at the Nordic Cochrane Center in Denmark studied 500,000 women to determine the results of breast cancer screening programs.

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Breast cancer screening does nothing to educate women how to really prevent breast cancer, nor does it teach women how to change their diets and lifestyles so that breast cancer never develops in the first place.

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They will not tell these women how to halt the growth of cancer tumors; they will only wait until the cancer becomes large enough to see on a screening test, and then they will scare the women to death with harmful, authoritative medical demands and toss them into chemotherapy -- a treatment that causes permanent, irreversible harm to the brain, heart, liver, kidneys and other organs.

Yet even the World Health Organization admits that 70 percent of all cancers can be prevented through simple changes in food and lifestyle.

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"So we might say there is a benefit of one but a harm of 10 from screening for breast cancer."

In other words, breast cancer screening is surprisingly harmful to women.

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In the cancer industry, there is no incentive to teach women how to avoid breast cancer, because to do so would eliminate a future customer!

That's why I started the Education Not Medication program.

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With nearly all breast cancer nonprofits being subjugated by drug companies, the FDA censoring alternative cancer solutions, and the mainstream media wildly exaggerating the benefits of near-useless cancer drugs like Herceptin, there's hardly a message heard about breast cancer today that doesn't have a profit motive behind it.

The emphasis on breast cancer "screening," and the circus of holding breast cancer awareness months is, of course, all about recruiting more women into a system of treatment that generates profits for drug companies.