Library and Archives Canada. White Paper on Immigration, 1966

I believe that Canada will economically break free when taxation levels become less onerous.

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If they want absolute OUT they can do whatever they want. If they want access to the single market (which they are saying they want) well, that means free movement of people…oh wait, hadn’t Nigel Farage or Boris Johnson told you that?

This essay aims at discussing how codependency can bring about happiness in family life.

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I am happy for all that Brexit was successful, as when I was living in Germany I saw the impact of the immigration policy. I was sexually attacked by one of these “poor refugees” as well. A child will be next, maybe raped and murdered by the same guy.

I am doing a essay for college and I was wondering if anyone could help. If we stay in the EU how will this effect immigration.

So all those who thought we’d get ‘control of our borders’ and introduce some kind of Antipodean points system have been well and truly had. Ironically we may well see net migration fall, but that won’t be because of immigration control, that will be due to having very few new jobs created because of the recession.

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However, in time it would enable the voter to choose political parties that would have the power to remove us from the EU-US stranglehold presently holding us to ransom. Which, for any countries freedom, it is imperative to be in a position to choose those who rule over them. And whilst in Europe thise we don’t have. Europe is passes laws, sets up alliances and trade deals that are not in the best interests of the British people. Immigration being a dastardly part of that project to change our culture, expectations and aspirations to those of a third world mentality. In essence slave labour with no way out.

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Young Kinnock’s assertion that we would be subject to tariffs to trade with the EU is not necessarily the case. The EU has just completed a trade deal with Vietnam which is over 99% tariff free. There is no reason in the world given our massive trade deficit with the EU that a similar trade deal cannot be negotiated with them. The EU accounts for around 40% of our exports but their commitment to us is considerably more (especially in high value goods) and we would be free to pick up trade again with the rest of the World which has since 2008 (on an annual average) been higher than with the EU and for 18 consecutive months has been much greater than to Europe and promises to be even greater once we get our own negotiating rights back.

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The only answer to mass immigration, promoted and encouraged by the mad German Chancellor along with the British elite and the US regime, who plan to send the big fat arses in the White House to advise ‘us’ on how we should accommodate their desires in our free vote. What a joke that is. The guy who sold out the American peoaple thinks he can come and preach his New World Order to us.

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The reality of ancient history is that there was very little migration, and what did take place was hostile, aggressive, and mostly faced resistance or terror. references to history far from commending immigration in reality should act as a warning. Yes maybe hundreds of year later the descendants benefitted, but lets not forget the descendants of the Atlantic slave trade have also gained enormous benefits, compared to their contemporaries who left behind in Africa – that doesn’t justify the suffering of their ancestors in the process!