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Throughout this essay it will cover what national healthcare is, what countries have national healthcare, the positives and the negatives of having it.

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Universal Healthcare has benefited industrialized countries like Sweden, France, and Canada because they recognize the fact that healthcare should be a human right, and not a privilege.

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Fuchs and Joan Sokolovsky, "The Canadian Health Care System," , Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress, 20 February 1990, p. 13.

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What Americans know has come mainlyfrom the negative talking points of politicians and others who have argued foryears against national health insurance. Two decades ago reported that Canadian women had to wait for Pap smears, a point who shot back in a letter to the editor: "You, and Americans generally, are free to decide whatever healthcare system to choose, avoid or adapt, but the choice is not assisted byopinions unrelated to fact."