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The essays were commissionede by the Canadian entrepreneur and newspaper magnate Roy Thomson,and first appeared in the , which he had recently purchased,but with some passages removed: in this collected edition, Fleming added them back.]


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His sympathetic account of the special challenges faced by Canadian literatureis clear, accurate, and well worth reading: "To one who takes careful accountof the difficulties which have steadily beset its growth its survival assomething interesting and important seems a miracle."]


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This site is meant to serve as a resource where you can get some quick information on theAmerican heroes presented. The heroes are selected at random and there was no intention of selecting the "best" heroes nor to exclude anyone. The website was designed for students who require a little helpin writing an essay or completing some other kind of school project.

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I am an American retired black soldier. I came across your messages by luck. I wanted to obtain information regarding black soldiers serving in the military during WW2. I was very surprise to find very little info. I am sure blacks lived in Britain at that time. Were they allowed to serve? From my understanding, there was a large community of blacks living in England at that time and from my studies, England was in need are men for the war. So, where we’re the black men? American black military men did served in WW2 but not many. However, there is a history of their participation. If anyone can assist me in locating information regarding the Blacks that served in British military, please let me know. Thanks

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Countries such as Poland, China, Russia, and Germany saw their territories directly involved in war and suffered terribly; countries such as the United States and Canada were relatively far from the action, but their citizens still fought a robust home front providing war goods for their men abroad. WW2DB's would provide a sense of geographical impact of the war. Next:

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You will find an interesting and very readable essay "A Pioneer Canadian Cartoonist" on Bengough in Hector Charlesworth's (1927),which includes essays on many other things Canadian.

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(1902)[Biography of Champlain;with an illustration by Théophile Hamel (1817-1870),after an original by Balthazar Moncornet (ca.