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Camp Michaux - Farm - CCC, POW and Church Camp

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spending an evening reading through all the information on the Camp Michaux web page, I had to write you a note.
I grew up in Carlisle & the camp was our Presbyterian Church camp. I am not certain about how many years that I went, but it would have been in the mid and late '50's. It is a special place to me still. In recent years when I come home from North Carolina to visit family in Carlisle, my mother will ask me, "well, when are you going to go?" What she knew is that I had to make a trip to visit the camp and Laural Lake to wander around.
My family spent a lot of time in the Michaux State Forest in the summers when we were growing up. Many years ago my grandfather had built a small one-room, log cabin on the stream between Fuller and Laural Lakes. When summer came our family moved there to spend the summer, and my dad commuted to work from there. There was no electricity or running water at our cabin and all the food was cooked over an open fire. It is amazing to think about all the great family time we had there during the summers.
What led me to your site is finding a link to the . She was my sister. She wrote the essay for a contest while she was a student at Carlisle High School and won the contest that year. She was killed in a car accident in 1968.
, another sister, my brother, and I all went to the camp in the '50's and early '60's. I even spent part of one summer there in 1967 as a counselor. I had just graduated from West Point and had two months of summer leave before I reported to active duty. Going there seemed to be a good thing to do for part of that time.
Thanks for gathering & sharing the information on the camp. As with everyone else, the place was very special to me. I was very disappointed when I returned one year and found that they had torn the buildings down. The same thing happened to our family's cabin. In spite of the buildings being gone, I love to revisit both places and try to do it at least once a year.
Best Regards,
David McAdoo Kernersville, NC April 27, 2004

From David Smith - 2/14/2017 Hi All, I did my annual walk through Camp Michaux this week

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My brother sent me this Website on Camp Michaux. My sister was the high school girl from Carlisle, PA who wrote the history of the camp for her senior class essay.
The summer after her senior year she went to the Synod camp for the Presbyterian church there and was elected moderator of the state of PA. It was there during that week that she met Rev James (Mike) Ferguson who came to Carlisle to be the senior pastor of our church for 35 years.
Going to Camp Michaux was a highlight of our childhood. We made many friends from neighboring towns and would meet them at local football games, etc. I kept in touch with many of these people for years. I was on the staff one summer ('65) and was a camp counselor another summer. Many, many fond memories.
B. McAdoo H. April 28, 2004

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