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In addition to the section for admission, the University's graduate application form includes a specific Gates Cambridge section which asks applicants to submit the following:

If you’re interested in other University of Cambridge essay competitions and honing your critical Topics.

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For courses with a , you'll take a common format written assessment at interview in Cambridge (if interviewed) instead.If you're a mature student applying to a mature College and wishing to be considered for interview overseas, or if you're a mature student applying to a standard age College, you must take a required pre-interview assessment.Please note that applicants must be registered in advance for pre-interview assessments.The assessments aren’t pass/fail tests – your performance in any required written assessment won’t be considered in isolation, but taken into account alongside the other elements of your application.If you're a teacher/exams officer, please also refer to the in the teachers' area of this website.1For Computer Science candidates interviewed overseas, a written Maths assessment will be administered by the overseas interviewing team instead of the CSAT.

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For PhD applicant only a research proposal is also required - if it has not already submitted as part of the application for the course. Where there is specific guidance from the department about word length and format for the research proposal applicants should follow this. If you are a PhD applicant but your department does not require a research proposal then you should submit a document af roughly two pages outlining your research plans to be considered for a Gates Cambridge Scholarship.

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