It is called Call of the Wild, by Jack London.

References:London, Jack. The Call of the Wild. London: Puffin Classics, 2008.

The Call of the Wild has a very interesting plot.

His initials are made to stand for the generality of sinful man, and they are expanded into slogans like "Here Comes Everybody" and "Haveth Childers Everywhere".

Is Buck destined to leave his life of comfort and become a creature of the wild?

Many of the animals we capture, are put into zoos.

The urges that Buck feels pulling him into the wild foreshadow his transformation into a wild creature, and the starving dogs who attack the team’s camp foreshadow the hunger that will afflict them during their ill-fated journey through the North.

Buck seems to almost transform into a different dog by the end of the book.

In McCandless' case, the place outside of civilization is actually an escape from his fears because the wild for him is in relationships, where the threat of intimacy exists and he must learn to trust others for happiness....

Even though other dogs are almost as wild as he is, Buck possesses the quality of intelligence.

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The month­ maidens sometimes form themselves into the seven colours of the rainbow-an important emblem in Finnegans Wake, since it signifies God's covenant after the Flood-hope of reinstate­ment after sin, 11 after 32.

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(1960, RCA LP; 1972, Columbia LP, Sony CD) - Horowitz (1904 - 1989) represented the virtuoso approach to Beethoven'­s piano music, playing only a handful of the most popular sonatas with breathtakingly precise technique. In the notes to his RCA LP, Horowitz asserted that he sought to deliberately strip the first movement of lyricism "because for me it is from first to last," and that he had no wish to disturb the rage or hold the passion in check. Yet, while he certainly avoids any slide into sentimentality, his phrasing and tempos are sufficiently plastic to differentiate the constantly shifting moods inherent in the music itself. Horowitz also boasted of taking the finale at a moderate pace to stress the qualification of the tempo indication, but the sheer splendor of his execution and sharpness of his attacks provides ample thrills without reckless velocity. Above all, the famous "Horowitz sound" of phenomenally controlled power and razor-sharp attacks creates a magnificent realization. Of his two nearly identical recordings, his Columbia remake has richer sound that adds weight to the overall impact.

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Call of the Wild Was set mostly in the Alaska gold rush of 1898, where over 100,000 people attempted to go to the Klondike Region to find gold(Klondike 1), of that 60,000 died on their way and only 30,000 actually made it (1)....

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John “Jack” Griffith London, a twentieth century author, wrote The Call of the Wild, other novels, and short stories that depict the philosophical views of the time and added adventure to them by using his own life experiences that carried thousands of men including himself to the Klondike in search of gold....

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