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Many students who do not fit within the commonly perceived ethnic minority category, may find that their own cultural heritage also offers an avenue to college funding. Many regional and national civic groups provide scholarships for members of their own cultural community. For example , the provides scholarships for students of Italian descent. Many other national organizations, such as the , and the also support scholarship programs for students according to their cultural heritage. Students looking for college funding should consider their own family’s cultural heritage as a link to further financial aid.

Butler Community College is approved as a provider ofcontinuing education by the Kansas State Board of Nursing.

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As students search for financial aid for college, they will find a large number of grants and scholarships designed to benefit both gender and ethnic minorities. These programs are fairly well established, and generally apply to every field of study. African-American’s, Native Americans, Asian-Americans and Hispanics will be able to find a wide range of scholarship programs dedicated to helping them achieve their educational goals. Many of these programs concentrate on students pursuing distinct career paths, and offer incentives for minority students to pursue an education in fields in which they have been historically under-represented. The majority of minority specific scholarships are dedicated to teaching, healthcare, science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Butler CommunityCollege is approved as a provider of continuing education by the KansasState Board of Nursing.

Most college-bound students are generally aware of the scholarship programs supported by government agencies, universities and corporations. These high profile financial aid programs get the lion’s share of the attention, but there are many more scholarship programs available to the industrious student who is prepared to do some research, and spend some time hunting them down. These programs may be supported by local or national civic groups, clubs and associations, businesses or independent endowments.

Butler Community College isapproved as a provider of continuing education by the Kansas State Board ofNursing.

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Downtown Houston Pachyderm Club – January 19th

Join us for lunch with Kevin Fulton, founding member of the MLK Association.

About Kevin:

Kevin Fulton is a shining example of the American Dream. Born in a gritty, gang infested area, Kevin never had the opportunity to meet his biological father who abandoned the household when he was only a few months old. His mother Pearl immediately took control of the household and worked her way out of poverty. Kevin watched as his mother worked long hours to provide her kids with the opportunity to escape their surroundings. Pearl never blamed her race or society for her position in life; instead she taught him the importance of prayer, self-accountability and hard work to conquer poverty. Pearl's mindset and perseverance were the foundation of the conservative values that would shape the rest of his life.

Kevin took those values and lessons and demonstrated a strong sense of community service as a child. Immediately upon graduating from high school, Kevin joined the Army and served this great nation with distinction as a reconnaissance soldier and received various honors for service during combat. His service included guarding the borders of Europe, functioning as a liberator in the Persian Gulf War and acting as a humanitarian in Operation Provide Comfort for Kurdish Refugees in Turkey and Iraq.

After being Honorably Discharged from the Army, Kevin immediately enrolled in college while continuing his service to the community by devoting his time on the Board of Directors for a youth counseling organization, helping victims of domestic violence, and training at risk students in conflict resolution. His focus and dedication earned him a Juris Doctor Degree with a notation for Distinguished Public Service.

Kevin periodically takes the time to visit subsidized housing communities to encourage disadvantaged youth to embrace conservative values to rise above their situation.

Broadening the Republican Party in low income areas has been a very important mission for Kevin. He has dedicated considerable time and personal funds to travel around low income areas talking about the Republican values that helped him escape the trappings of poverty and gangs.

Kevin is a co-founder of the MLK Association of Texas which is a Republican Party of Texas Auxiliary Club, which creates programs in low income areas to assist lifting people out of poverty by teaching self-reliance and accountability.

Kevin is also a strong supporter of prolife legislation lecturing to groups about the impact of abortion on the Black community.

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Sharon is an experienced community arts facilitator who is passionate about books, writing and encouraging creativity in others. Her new Lifelong Learning course at Stranmillis is called ‘The Art of Journaling’. It is aimed at those looking for an outlet for their creativity, but are unsure of where to start. The course takes the form of art journaling workshops which encourage self-exploration and creative self-expression. The workshops will use both creative writing and multi-media art to create a journal, reflecting on participants’ lives.