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b. Explain the relationship between life cycle stage and long-term debt.

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By consolidating your business at this phase of the Business Legal Lifecycle you will avoid the pitfalls that are commonly encountered when businesses move into the next phase of Expansion, Franchising and Licensing.

What are the stages of a corporation’s life cycle? How can a corporation’s life cycle be extended?

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Phase 11 – Sale of Whole or Part of the Business or the Listing of the Business on a Stock Exchange

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a. Citing examples, discuss why some businesses require greater amounts of long-term debt than other types of businesses.

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The research in the center aims to address aspects concerning all phases of the lifecycle of business processes including modeling, verification, enactment, monitoring, mining and diagnosis.

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At this juncture, it would perhaps be dishonest to avoid any mention of another matter– nearly as dishonest as failing to place it in the proper context. The attraction ofMitropoulos and Copland to Bernstein was not entirely professional; through them cameBernstein's entree into a lifelong series of homosexual relationships into which he pouredconsiderable emotion and energy. A surprisingly large number of American composers of theera were gay, but in keeping with the discretion of the time little mention was ever madeof the fact – until, that is, the publication in 1987 of Joan Peyser's , which seemed absolutely obsessed with it. At the outset of her book, Peyserplausibly claimed that "the personal areas of Bernstein's life ... can make a bigdifference in the way we hear Bernstein as well as the way we assess hisachievements." And yet, not once in the next 460 pages did Peyser even suggest howBernstein's sexuality had the slightest bearing upon his writing, teaching, composing,conducting or any other aspect of his profession. Perhaps all that should be said is thatBernstein had a huge capacity for love and that he was attracted to people of talentregardless of gender.

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Of course, some business owners may decide not to go through a particular phase, or another phase may arise earlier. Your company may enter in to litigation much earlier in its Lifecycle, similarly you may decide to invest in property early. For some business owners, franchising is just not part of the grand plan.

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However, the Business Legal Lifecycle is designed as a guide for business owners to get an idea of where your business is currently, where it is headed and the stages that commonly occur for other business owners at similar stages.