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By making budget cuts to education, is this helping out education or letting it down.

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1) Budget Reduction Plan
a) You are a principal who has been told by the superintendent to cut the school budget. Use the information sheet, “Budget Cuts” (I will upload this with some other resources) to view content, context, and tools for completing this assignment, including details about your role as the principal and the school budget breakdown.

One program that is being affected by budget cuts is the art education program....

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I will first look at the multiplier effect of the state putting money into the California State University system and what will happen as a result of the divestment due to the budget cuts.

Teachers and schools budgets are being cut which is harshly affecting education.

When it comes to the education of the next generations, there are a couple of influencing factors that are necessary. In regards to the public school education of the people of the nation some of the most important aspects of the system include the availability of really great teachers to run the classroom, the accessibility of programs that help to reinforce the material learned in class, and the presence of afterschool programs for the students to be able to grow emotionally on a personal level together. These are all imperative tot eh well-rounded growth of students. With many of the budget cuts that schools are experiencing through out the nation, there are limited ways to try to keep all of these aspects functioning at the same time.

Programs during the regular school hours affected by budget cuts are those that help a student to become a well-rounded individual.

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Because administrators do not like to talk publicly about the negative effects of budget cuts, many people outside the university do not realize how much damage these cuts are causing. While it is important for legislators and governors—and the public at large—to understand these negative effects, advertising the effects hurts our ability to recruit faculty members and students and depresses morale. We know, however, that when we increase class size, rely more heavily on contingent faculty, and cut staff, we are indeed interfering with the quality of education we provide to students.

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Universities have many sources of funds, but most are restricted, meaning that they may be spent on only one purpose. Gifts for a named professorship, scholarship, center, or building, for example, must be spent in accordance with the terms of the gift. Legislators and others assume that since universities have sources of income other than state appropriations, state funding can be cut without harming universities; what they often fail to realize is that the state and the students themselves are the primary funders of the educational functions of public universities. When state funding is cut, the core enterprise, education, is cut. The recent state budget cuts have thus had a disproportionate effect on the education of students.

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b) Use the School Budget Breakdown table as presented in the aforementioned resource (“Budget Cuts”) to fully develop a budget reduction plan that addresses the budget cuts required by the superintendent. Identify and describe the primary sources of revenue available to your school, including:
i) Maintenance and operations budget allocations
ii) Capital budget
iii) Soft capital budget allocations
iv) Bonds
v) Federal grants
vi) State grants
vii) Title money
viii) Overrides
ix) Extracurricular fees
x) Tax credits
xi) Other