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The present volume is made up of essays by remarkable academics, scholars and creative thinkers. They address an impressive number of topics, issues and ideas. Poems by Bruce Dawe, Stephen McInerney, Robert Gray, Christine Townend, Ivan Head, John Bunyan, Devika Brendon and Geoffrey Lehmann articulate some joyful gestures of gratitude to him and his approach to language. Spurr’s influence can be felt in some of these exquisite poems. Another group of essays by G.A. Wilkes, David Brooks, Beverly Sherry, Kevin Hart, Bradley M. Wells and David Jasper are linked to the other activity of his career, literary criticism. They touch upon issues pertaining to Shakespeare, Milton, T.S Eliot and liturgical language, some of the key themes of Spurr’s own intellectual exploration. Essays with general discussions about the humanities by Stephen Prickett, Simon Haines, Jonathan Mills, Michael Warren Davis, Henry Cooper and Karine Hepner address a variety of issues about contemporary humanities and their standing within the current academic environment. Philosophical, religious, literary and historical matters are discussed by David Daintree, Stephen Gaukroger, Jennifer Gribble, Lyn Aschroft, Garry Trompf, Ivan Head, John Bunyan and Carole Cusack. Runcie has divided the diverse material wisely and has presented its chapters as an exploration by others of the research fields in which Spurr excelled.

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Bruce Dawe used the technique of repetition throughout the whole poem

Dawe’s poems capture Australian life in numerous ways, whether it is our passion for AFL in Life-Cycle or our reckless nature towards war as in Homecoming.

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The author, Australian poet Bruce Dawe, wrote the poem in response to a news article describing how, at Californian Oaklands Air /Base, at one end of the airport families were farewelling their sons as they left for Vietnam and at the other end the bodies of dead soldiers were being brought home....

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