The art of sound

Broke for Dreamin

I have a secret. Im not sure how well this will go over in the indie rock space but im a fan of blues, and some r and b. Yes its true. So, when I hear the sounds of a band like Broke for Dreamin, my indie rock hat gets placed in the corner for a bit. If you enjoy the sounds of Ben Harper, Solomon Burke or maybe even a taste of Hendrix, check out Broke for Dreamin.


I often insist that there is a plethora of great music out there that most of us will never hear, and that if we continually expand our musical interests, it all gets better. Still, mp3 bloggers these days are overloaded with emails and promos at times and some of the tunes can meld together in ones head. Not so with About however. The Amsterdam based crew has what I feel to be somewhat of a unique sound, and that in itself is worth some attention. Think part Flaming Lips, part Devo, part something youve never heard before. The album, Bongo, is available now.