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An education in communication studies offers powerful skill sets that go far beyond polishing one's presentation style. These include negotiating conflict, crafting effective arguments and persuasive messages, working constructively within groups, navigating cultural divides, creating effective publicity campaigns, building satisfying personal relationships, and recognizing the channels of communication available to resolve problems. Majors acquire an understanding of both theory and application in these areas, and become familiar with the methods of inquiry and research used by scholars in communication and rhetorical studies. Majors are required to take one introductory class in public speaking and another in interpersonal communication, followed by Empirical Research Methods (COMM 3700) and Rhetorical Criticism (COMM 3300), completing their programs of study with courses in such topics as Interracial Communication, Health Communication, Persuasion, Environmental Communication, Communication and Religion, and Women and U.S. Public Discourse.

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Government reforms to boost British film industry

The Certificate in Historic Preservation provides students with a working knowledge of the theory and practice of historic preservation. The program also provides a solid knowledge base for students who wish to pursue their education further through graduate studies, as well as opportunities to focus their studies on aspects of the field that are of particular interest to them.

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Small wonder this classic Ealing crime caper remains a mainstay of so many film polls. The casting and performances, for a start, are brilliantly sharp. As is Ealing writer William Rose’s finely wrought script: five caricatured criminals (Alec Guinness, Peter Sellers, Herbert Lom, Cecil Parker and Danny Green) masquerading as a group of classical musicians arrive at the King’s Cross home of a dear little old lady (Katie Johnson, who won a Bafta for her pitch-perfect performance) and enquire whether they might rent a few rooms – while they surreptitiously plot an audacious railway robbery. The set-up paves the way for a wonderful series of amusing dialogues between the old biddy and the ‘quintet’ whose pretence she never twigs until the final comically violent frames. Guinness and Lom are the standouts; both look as if they’d strayed in from a Hammer production. Unforgettable. DA

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Griffith: Early Film Pioneer at Biograph

In addition to coordinating an interdisciplinary curriculum, the Criminal Justice studies program offers a variety of services and opportunities to its students. These include, among others, new major orientation meetings, career seminars, and alumni networking opportunities. Majors and other interested students are encouraged to participate in the Criminal Justice Society which sponsors speakers, field trips, and service projects. Majors are accorded recognition for academic excellence through the local chapter of Alpha Phi Sigma and the National Criminal Justice Honor Society.

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''Journalism borrows from disciplines in the humanities and social sciences. As a result, journalists and journalism teachers sample a rich lode of ideas and practices. With this comes opportunities for consultation, collaboration—and lots of experimentation. One of my outreach programs is The McGill Program in Journalistic Courage, a lecture, symposium, and research effort to understand what journalistic courage means and how it is exemplified by reporters and editors. I also teach conceptual and skills courses to undergraduate journalism students. I hope they think and act more critically as consumers and producers of journalism after taking my courses.''

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Director Nicolas Roeg

Cast Julie Christie, Donald Sutherland

Nothing is what it seems

The number one film on our list is Nicolas Roeg’s hallucinatory 1973 Daphne du Maurier adaptation – the story of a couple, played by Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland, who decamp to a spooky Venice after the death by drowning of their daughter. We can speculate on the roots of its popularity: that it satisfies the genre and arthouse crowds; that it uses framing, sound, editing and camera movement to unreel a transfixing tale and flesh out excruciatingly authentic characters; that it dares to coax out the ghosts lurking in every watery passageway in Venice, Europe’s most ornate and singular city; that it contains arguably the greatest sex scene on film. Or, we can just accept it as a movie whose every glorious frame is bursting with meaning, emotion and mystery, and which stands as the crowning achievement of one of Britain’s true iconoclasts and masters of cinema. DJ

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The Early Childhood Education major at the University of Georgia prepares students for careers working with children from Pre-K through 5th grade. The major is classified as high demand, attracting far more applicants each year than can be admitted.