British Airways Cabin Crew Strike

The British Airways has a long history and airlines cover 133 countries; include 373 airplanes.

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Airways has two types of customers:

· Price sensitive customers (students, independent travelers,
frequently travelers) who are looking for the cheapest prices and the
best offers, and

· Low sensitive customers (business and executive customers) who are
concerned more in the quality than the price.

For busy people were time is money British Airway offers great services to eliminate any time lost.

Market strategy of British Airways and Ryanair

References 14 Executive Summary British Airways has focused its mission and objectives towards satisfying its key stakeholders that include employees, customers, Government and the British public.

Julia, W. (2010). British Airways Cancels 1,100 Flights Amid Strike. New York Times, 3/21/2010, p4

With this strategyBritish Airways
attacks the business class of its competitors in overseas and
international flights like Virgin, American Airlines and

Nicola, C. (2010). British Airways Cabin Crews Are Set to Resume Walkout. New York Times, 3/27/2010

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2.4 Promotional pricing

British Airways has set some promotional prices on flights to some
special occasion:

· Christmas gift voucher.

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2.3.4 Pricing method

Considering the three different types of customer, the three segments,
British Airways has set a pricing method of perceived value.

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Under this change of fortune and the higher competition
British Airways had to change its pricing objectives from maximizing
profits to market share maximization.

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since the introduction of the low cost airlines and the increased
competition the game has changed and with those objectives British
Airways was going nowhere.

British Airways Cabin Crew Strike

Companies like British Airways fight the competition with different
methods like introduction of low cost ticket where customer can still
enjoy a good quality product in a low affordable price.

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2.3 British Airways pricing policy

Some years ago at 1997 before easy jet has been introduced to the
market and set a different type of Airline Company structure, the low
cost airlines, and set a different level of competition the market
structure was an oligopoly which enabled companies under the
oligopolistic environment to set their own prices.