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Gary Reynolds and the Brides of Obscurity

Instant Happiness! Gary Reynolds and The Brides of Obscurity gave me a bit of a surprise recently. You see, the album, "Instant Happiness" arrived in my mailbox some time ago and after the first listen I thought it was pretty good. But the surprise was my return to the disc for repeated listens. Reynolds brings his Bowie-esque vocals and combines them with the heavy guitar section of his band to allow this disc to shine. Its rare these days that a band with such obvious influences can get our attention and keep it. Id be willing to bet Reynolds was a John Lennon disciple some time ago, but he wears his respect well. The standout track for me on this was On the Radio, which is actually one of the gentler sides of the album, with more keys present. But the chorus makes this song is worthy of multiple listens and other tracks like Living By Myself and Take Me to the Moon are enjoyable as well. I could have done without the food song, but who knows why artists sometimes write with thier stomachs (see Pete Yorn's burrito song). Check out the Seattle based, Electrokitty label signed Gary Reynolds and the Brides of Obscurity.

A few blog updates

Hello loyal reader, just wanted to let you know a couple things that I have done this week to hopefully make it easier on you to get your music fix. First is the bookmark on option at the bottom of each post, if you are into social bookmarking, you can tag one of our posts easily with that link. Also we are now tagging via technorati, so at the bottom of posts you will see technorati tags. This means you can click on the links and it will take you to a page on technorati showing other bloggers who have written about that keyword. Also you can get here from technorati easier. And finally, our RSS feed has changed, Ive added a fancy little chicklet to the sidebar with a link to our new feedburner feed. So, if you are like me and read lots of blogs through an rss reader like bloglines or furl, you can subscribe to the feed through the link, or just click on this link for the feed.A good number of the popular web aggregators are also listed on the sidebar for easy bookmarking.