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Like unto trees of gold arranged in beds of silver, are wise sentences uttered in due season.

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~Jorge Luis Borges

While reading writers of great formulatory power — Henry James, Santayana, Proust — I find I can scarcely get through a page without having to stop to record some lapidary sentence.

Peter, 1977Every so often, a quotation sweeps through the world like an epidemic.

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Whipple, lecture delivered before the Boston Mercantile Library Association, December 1845

In the Bodleian Library at Oxford, there is an English Translation of Saint Paul's Epistles, printed in the black letter, which the Princess used while she was here imprisoned; in a blank leaf of which, the following paragraph, written with her own hand, and in the pedantry of the times, yet remains: "I walke many times into the pleasant fieldes of the Holye Scriptures; where I plucke up the goodlisome herbs of sentences by pruning, eate them by reading, chawe them by musing, and laie them up at length in the high seate of memorie, by gathering them together.

~Ralph Waldo Emerson,

Bronson Alcott, "Books," June 1869

Every book is a quotation; and every house is a quotation out of all forests and mines and stone quarries; and every man is a quotation from all his ancestors.

~Charles Simmons,

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My peers learned all the unwritten rules of decorum and body language in their homes; they understood what was appropriate to say in certain settings and what wasn’t; they learned both traditionally masculine and traditionally feminine social mechanisms.

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This last compromise was a hasty bit of legislation, vague and uncertain in outline. A Bureau was created, "to continue during the present War of Rebellion, and for one year thereafter," to which was given "the supervision and management of all abandoned lands and the control of all subjects relating to refugees and freedmen," under "such rules and regulations as may be presented by the head of the Bureau and approved by the President." A Commissioner, appointed by the President and Senate was to control the Bureau, with an office force not exceeding ten clerks. The President might also appoint assistant commissioners in the seceded States, and to all these offices military officials might be detailed at regular pay. The Secretary of War could issue rations, clothing, and fuel to the destitute, and all abandoned property was placed in the hands of the Bureau for eventual lease and sale to ex-slaves in forty-acre parcels.

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Those who are 100-percent gay may view bisexuals with a mix of disgust and envy. Bisexual parents threaten the core of the LGBT parenting narrative—we do have a choice to live as gay or straight, and we do have to decide the gender configuration of the household in which our children will grow up. While some gays see bisexuality as an easier position, the fact is that bisexual parents bear a more painful weight on their shoulders. Unlike homosexuals, we cannot write off our decisions as things forced on us by nature. We have no choice but to take responsibility for what we do as parents, and live with the guilt, regret, and self-criticism forever.

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The theme of "The Yellow Wallpaper ? is the narrator's
sickness towards the yellow patterned wallpaper. In reality the
sight of yellow wallpaper frightens her. John (the narrator's
physician husband) has diagnosed her with a nervous depression.
The narrator tells her story through first person point of view.
The color yellow is "repellent, almost revolting ? a symbol of
hatred to the narrator; rather too most people it symbolizes the
sun, or happy thoughts (706). In "The Yellow Wallpaper ? the
theme is developed through the use of a first person point of
The narrator tells the story through a first person point
of view. By using the first person point of view the reader
understands the feelings and thoughts of the narrator her self.
Also we know exactly what makes her sick (the color yellow).
She explains that her sickness is not a nervous depression; it
is hatred towards the yellow pattern wallpaper. She states that
writing helps her get through her days. Writing also makes her
tired, which to John is not a good thing. John, in fact,
believes it is writing that is not good for her, so he insist
The narrator develops a sense that a woman lives in the
yellow wallpaper. She explains that the woman creeps around in
the day. Only she can see this woman, but one can only look and
wonder how can one person can see or think that such a thing
could be correct. This is another instant where the yellow
wallpaper bothers her and makes her sick.
Writing is what makes the narrator tired. John feels that
it has no effect on her sleeping. She states "I did write for a
while in spite of them: it does exhaust me a great deal ? (705).