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For one thing Shetland has tons of things of archaeological interest worthseeing. Because the ground has not been cultivated extensively there are alot of remains which are relatively undisturbed. Historical sites worth avisit are Jarlshof, Mousa Broch and the Bressay Stone to mention but a few.

Bressay stone shetland

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The first lighthouse was that of Sumburgh Head in 1821 and several lights were built to serve increased naval traffic during the Crimean War. Those of Out Skerries, Muckle Flugga and Bressay were all built between 1852 and 1858. Fair Isle is best known (apart from its sweaters) for its bird life, with over 330 species recorded. It is owned by the National Trust for Scotland and there is a popular observatory. We had planned with settled weather to land here in the North Haven and spend the afternoon and evening ashore, then sail overnight up to Foula, where landing is very difficult, for the early morning. The 1355 forecast, as we sailed past the spectacular Sheep Rock, changed this, with a deep depression moving up from SW England and causing havoc with the Fastnet fleet and due over northern Scotland by 0700 the following morning, causing E or NE gales. Neither Fair Isle nor Foula was going to be the place to be so we left Skroo Head to run up to Hamnavoe or Scalloway with a steadily lightening wind. Sumburgh Head is only 21 miles away and the great block of high land behind Fitful Head, nearly 1000 feet high was clearly seen, with a capping of fair weather cumulus.

Bressay stone shetland

Back at the school junction the south route to Kirkabister Ness lighthouse is just over 2 miles (3.5km). The lighthouse was constructed in 1858 by the Stevenson brothers; the light was replaced in 2012 by a modern harbour light but with the same flashing pattern as the original. Some of the buildings have been converted into self-catering accommodation. There are fine views across the Sound of Bressay to the sheltered bays south of Lerwick. Just below the lighthouse there is a picturesque natural arch.

Definitive description of Bressay Stone (Shetland) from the Gazetteer for Scotland