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Brainstorming is a method students can use to generate ideas for writing a paper

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Your outline will contain more detailed information, and if there are certain areas that the assignment requires you to cover, then you can modify the outline to include these. You can also expand it if you're writing a longer research paper: the discussion of the problem might need several paragraphs, for example, and you might discuss the pros and cons of several possible solutions.

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Brainstorming: It's often helpful to set a time limit on this; plan to brainstorm for ten minutes, for example. This will help you focus and keep you from feeling overwhelmed. This is especially helpful when you're still trying to narrow or focus your topic. You'll start with a blank page, and you'll write down as many ideas about your topic as you can think of. Ask yourself questions as you write: Why am I doing this? Why do I like this? Why don't I like this? What is the most interesting thing about this field or issue? How would my audience feel about this? What can we learn from this? How can we benefit from knowing more? When time is up, read over your list, and add anything else that you think of. Are there patterns or ideas that keep coming up? These are often clues about what is most important about this topic or issue.

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The topics include writing short essays, writing reports, using graphic organizers to organize your thoughts before writing, printing and writing short books, and letter structure.

How brainstorming webs help students organize their writing and thinking.

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The lessons included in this resource are based on the five major areas that readers use to score your essay. You might recognize some of the key words and concepts discussed in these lessons from previous classes or reading. Even though the lessons are tailored to the GED essay, the ideas discussed in this resource may relate to writing situations you have encountered in the past or will encounter in the future. Studying these lessons will help you develop your writing skills for use in many situations in addition to the GED essay.

The following table, reprinted with permission of the American Council on Education, will help you further understand how the four-point scale and the five major scoring standards are used together to evaluate the essays.

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Clustering: This is another way to record your thoughts and observations for a paragraph or essay after you have chosen a topic. First draw a circle near the center of a blank piece of paper, and in that circle, write the subject of your essay or paragraph. Then in a ring around the main circle, write down the main parts or subtopics within the main topic. Circle each of these, and then draw a line connecting them to the main circle in the middle. Then think of other ideas, facts, or issues that relate to each of the main parts/subtopics, circle these, and draw lines connecting them to the relevant part/subtopic. Repeat this process with each new circle until you run out of ideas. This is a great way of identifying the parts within your topic, which will provide content for the paper, and it also helps you discover how these parts relate to each other.

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Thanks for the brainstorming tips. Keeping a journal with me at all times is an excellent idea. Which makes sense. I like to keep a recipe journal in my kitchen because that’s where my ideas come from, in the kitchen, around food. That tip also tells me to use my recorder on my phone. I’m not always in a place (i.e. care driving) when I can write. This is especially helpful since I just wrote my very first blog post.