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Students did not necessarily allow racism and negative labelling toaffect them adversely.

The Moral Panic About Boys ‘Underachievement’ in Education

Foster, V., Kimmel, M. and Skelton, C. (2001) ‘What about the boys?’ An overview of the debates, in: W. Martino & B. Meyenn (Eds) . Buckingham, Open Univeristy Press: This is the introduction to an edited collection brings together leading researchers from Australia, United Kingdom and the United States to explore issues of boys, schooling and masculinities within the context of the current concern about the education of boys.

Academic underachievement and the disruptive behavior disorders. 289–294.

Boys underachievement in Education.

Thanks to everyone for your thoughtful comments. Ann, I agree with everything you say here; that’s why I put the word “consensus” in quotes. Of course responsible researchers have a realistic sense of the limitations of their own data, as well as a more realistic sense of the varieties of ways that children learn, and they are loathe to see early findings rushed into misguided public policy without adequate validation. It is by no means my intent to condemn all scientific research into learning and cognition, but simply to question the oversimplified version of science which leads popular journalists and politicians (and yes, some educators and researchers) to claim that we now “know” how children learn to read. (In fairness, some professionals who deal with dyslexia and other learning problems may be exaggerating the degree of scientific certainty about these phenomena in an effort to secure special services and accommodations for students who clearly need them.)

Arnot, M., and Dillabough, Jo-Anne. (1999). Feminist Politics and Democratic Values in Education. Curriculum Inquiry, 29(2), 159-189.

WHAT might we do to help boys improve? For one thing, we can follow the example of the British, the Canadians and the Australians. They have openly addressed the problem of male underachievement. They are not indulging boys’ tendency to be inattentive. Instead, they are experimenting with programs to help them become more organized, focused and engaged. These include more boy-friendly reading assignments (science fiction, fantasy, sports, espionage, battles); more recess (where boys can engage in rough-and-tumble as a respite from classroom routine); campaigns to encourage male literacy; more single-sex classes; and more male teachers (and female teachers interested in the pedagogical challenges boys pose).

Theseacademics think that by invoking the word 'backlash' they render any furtherdiscussion of boys' underachievement unnecessary.

Boys' Underachievement in Education: An Exploration …

[This is a book for parents and teachers but has some current information appropriate for clinicians, especially regarding educational issues].

Factors Leading to Underachievement Among College Students

Corbett, C., Hill, Catherine, and St. Rose, Andresse. (2008). Where the girls are: The facts about gender equity in education. Washington, DC: American Association of University Women.

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This is simply the best article I’ve ever read on the topic of our “education” system and why it’s so fundamentally broken. I may not give my daughter any curriculum to follow, but you’ve just laid out a blueprint for me to follow in how to talk to others about what we do.

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Labelling theorists have argued that pupils would be likely to respond to positive or negative labels by changing their own perceptions of themselves [their self-images] in a positive or negative direction and that positively labelled students would be encouraged to improve their performance

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suggest thatconscious or unconscious teacher racism and negative labelling may affect some ethnicminority pupils adversely but also that many teachers try their best to help ethnicminority students and that in any case ethnic minority students certainly do notnecessarily accept negative labels when they are applied to them.

Underachievement: African Carribean

It seems therefore that the underachievement of boys has been going on for a lot longer than we thought.
The work of Spender, Stanworth et al was also about challenging a patriarchal education system which promoted and reinforced gender roles, and therefore allowing girls equal educational opportunities.