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Robin Hood. Dir. Allan Dwan. With Douglas Fairbanks, Enid Bennett, Wallace Beery, and Alan Hale. United Artists, 1922.

Adventures of Robin Hood. Dir. Michael Curtiz and William Keighley. With Errol Flynn, Basil Rathbone, Claude Rains, Olivia De Havilland, and Alan Hale. Warner Brothers, 1938.

Robin Hood. Dir. Wolfgang Reitherman. With Brian Bedford, Monica Evans, Peter Ustinov and Roger Miller. Walt Disney Productions, 1973.

Robin and Marian. Dir. Richard Lester. With Sean Connery and Audrey Hepburn. Columbia, 1976.

Robin Hood. Dir. John Irvin. With Patrick Bergin and Uma Thurman. 20th Century-Fox, 1991.

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Dir. Kevin Reynolds. With Kevin Costner, Morgan Freeman and Mary-Elizabeth Mastrantonio. Morgan Creek Productions, 1991.

These moments have left impressionable memories from my childhood making Christmas a holiday that is special to me and my family.

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Philip, Neil. Robin Hood: Der legendare Held der Unterdruckten, seine Geschichte und seine Zeit. Illus. Nick Harris. Hildesheim: Dorking-Kindersley, 1997. [Robin Hood: The legendary Hero of the Oppressed, his Story and his Age.]

Essay on Boyz N the Hood Deviance; ..

Map from Dobson & Taylor
, Rymes of Robyn Hood: An Introduction to the English Outlaw (Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 1976), p. 69.

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It seems as though every schoolchild knows who Robin Hood is: a noble outlaw in Sherwood Forest who fights the oppressive evil of Prince (or King) John by robbing from the rich and giving to the poor. The earliest appearances of Robin are at odds with this romantic notion, as Robin is a violent yeoman who steals from the dishonest and helps those whom he pleases. Perhaps the one constant feature of the legend is his placement in the center of England, in the Sherwood and Barnsdale area. This first case presents some of the venues in which Robin Hood appears. The earliest tales of Robin Hood largely focus on Robin encountering someone in the forest, and either fighting with them or inviting them to dine, after which they would be asked to pay for their dinner. These tales were often collected in books called “garlands” (see the first text in this case). During the Tudor period, Robin was gentrified by Anthony Munday, in his two plays The Downfall of Robert, Earle of Huntington and The Death of Robert, Earle of Huntington (both 1601). Today, most people first encounter Robin through films or children’s books, like Howard Pyle’s work.