The Votes Have Been Tallied: Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

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Family: The Ties that Bind-- and Gag

Low flying bats Clownin' Around
Chamber Of Horrors
Chills And Thrills
Coffin Break
Come As You Aren’t
Cookin' Cauldron
Costume Drama
Costumed Cutie
Costumes On Parade
Costumes, Pumpkins, & Candy, Oh My
Count Down To Candy
Crazy Creatures
Creepy Characters
Creepy Crawly
Cutest Little Pumpkin In The Patch
Cute Little Spooks
Cuttin' Up
Deader Than A Door Nail
Deadly Intentions
Dem Bones
Demons Are A Ghouls Best Friend
Ding Dong, The Witch Isn't Dead!
Don't Be A Scaredy Cat
Don't Be Scared It's Just Us
Drive Me Batty
Eat, Drink, And Be Scary
Enter At Your Own RISK
Even Dogs Like Halloween
Every-batty Had A Great Halloween
Every Witch Way
Extreme Makeover
Fangs For The Memories And Nightmares
FANGtastic Halloween
Feeling Ghostly
Feeling Ghoully
Feeling Groovy
Forget The Ghosts, Beware Of Me
Forget The Ghost, Beware Of The Sugar Bugs

Fraidy Cats Welcome
Frankly Halloween Doesn't Scare MeFreakie Frankie
Free Broomrides
Freeky Fright Day
Friends Of Frankenstein
Fright Night
Frightfully Delightful
Funky Frankenstein
Funny Bones
Getting Into The "Spirit" Of Halloween
Ghost Crossing
Ghost Of Good Cheer
Ghost Post
Ghost Town
Ghostess With The Mostess
Ghostly Gathering
Ghostly Greetings
Ghosts Have Real Spirit
Ghoulish Guests
Ghoul Cool
Ghoul Friends
Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun
Ghouls Rule
Gloomy Ghosts
Goblin' It Up
Goblins On The Loose
Goin' Batty
Gone Haunting, Back at Midnight
Good Evening
Goose Bumps
Gruesome Twosome
Hair Raising

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In college I traded religion, with its oppressive rules and hierarchy, for “spirituality,” which slid off my tongue and sounded sensual and intellectual at the same time. While religion demanded solitude and repetitive rituals, spirituality offered exploration and animated conversations. Like a New Age seeker with attention-deficit disorder, I hopped enthusiastically from Buddhism to Sufism to Taoism to self-help. An essay on The Tao of Surfing earned me an A in a comparative religion course. Driving a rented Jeep in the Himalayas, my boyfriend and I picked up a Tibetan Buddhist monk who was hitchhiking on a dirt road; squeezed between the two of them on the front seat, I swear I felt my heart open as Abba played on the stereo. I spent a weekend at a retreat center in California, where people lounged naked in hot tubs discussing God while their private parts bobbed like fleshy buoys on the surface of the water. I’d joined a Buddhist book club, though I was too busy and distracted to complete the assigned readings and hid my negligence behind vague comments about impermanence and nothingness.

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If you grew up in the 1970s, some of you more than likely were latch-key kids, with both parents working outside the home . While some of us associate the term with a childhood lit with a rosy, romantic hue, others recall the lack of supervision as near-abandonment, and have begun making reparations to their children accordingly. In our efforts to make up for our own perceived lack of guidance, we are ever-present, ever-helpful, ever-reminding, ever-rescuing. As part of this reparation effort, some parents—mostly women—abandoned their executive offices for home, determined to mindfully parent their children as full-time caregivers. Often, mothers dove in to full-time parenting armed with the skills they had earned in higher education and in the business world, and they took no prisoners. How hard could parenting be? Guiding children into Ivy League colleges, like making partner in a Wall Street law firm, was simply a matter of organization, drive, and the meticulous management of academic and extracurricular resources.

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