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The biological reality that women can give birth and men cannot has led to a habitual consciousness of two sex classes, and, in the past, these two classes coexisted with equality in co-operative communities; however, Marilyn French contends in The War on Women that as men began to build what would become patriarchy, or "male supremacy built by force," the female class became disempowere...

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"Transparent" [adjective]transphile or transophile: someone attracted to transgender women.transphilia: attraction to transgender people.transphobia: the fear and hatred of transgender people.transexual: variant spelling of transsexual.transsexual: someone who wishes to take all the steps necessary to be accepted as completely as possible in their chosen gender.transvestite: an outdated term for crossdresser, primarily used as a clinical diagnosis.transwoman: also trans woman, a trans person who identifies as female.truck: synonym for brickTS: transsexualTCR: Thyroid Cartilage Reduction, also called a trachea shavetuck: to conceal male genitals by tucking them between the legs.TV: transvestite-- an outdated term for crossdresser.TWR: Transsexual Women's Resources, the name of a website on medical issues for transwomen, maintained by Anne Lawrence. unclockable: Describes someone who is accepted without question or suspicion in her chosen gender. vaginoplasty: a plastic surgery procedure where a vagina is created.

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It's possible, even probable, that higher status conveys different advantages in different situations. Whatever the reason, men today in the vast majority of cultures still compete regularly to overturn the social order. They seek to rise in rank if possible or to avoid losing status, and generally across cultures they are much more inclined than are women to use physical aggression to do so. Male groups, unless restrained by police or strong social prohibitions , or both, fight to dominate other male groups. The overall result of these different biological pressures and priorities is that social stability is not as high a priority for men as it is for women.

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that if a male had more than five of these attributes then ..

Furthermore, cross-cultural studies reveal that men in many cultures care for children, and men who bond early with their children can be very nurturing. Barry Hewlett, for example, studied father-infant bonding in Aka pygmies and finds that fathers there bond with their children by regular hugging, kissing, and soothing care.”v

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It can be argued that the women of the play usurp the masculine power and this itself is what makes up the comedy as it would have been humorous to a patriarchal audience.

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After 1662, had she been an enslaved African woman she would not have been prosecuted, because in that year the Colonial government declared children born to slave women the property of their mother's master....