These inconsistencies are addressed, of course, by Plato.

This commentary is largely based on lectures given on the  at  from 1987 to 2009, using the G.M.A.

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In time, some sites, like Olympia and Delphi, gained the reputation as representing Greek religion as a whole, but this was a very incomplete and non-institutional organization.

Greek bankers, however, are probably not much in the business of taking deposits and making loans.

Now we get the most merciless cross-examination from Socrates.

This is a striking thought when compared to the theory of the , where dreamless sleep is a higher consciousness, more real, and pure bliss (, ) compared to waking or dreaming realities.

This pious project should be compared with the effort to define "piety" in the .

Since literacy was supposed to have been rather high in Athens, we are faced with the fact that pretty much anyone with an interest in "advanced" knowledge in the 5th century would have had access to it.

The friend may say, "Mind your own business," or "Up yours," and then go away.

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Veda Vyasa is regarded as the author of the book. It is not clear from where Veda Vyasa had received the whole information since it was Sanjaya, not Veda Vyasa who was the direct witness to the whole discourse between Lord Krishna and Arjuna. Either Vedavyasa might have heard it from one of the participants or he got it through his inner experience, which is generally the case with all the shruti literature.

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It is more likely that the scripture might have entered the human mind as a revelation or intuitive knoweldge. It is also possible that the entire episode of the Mahabharata might have happened in subtle realms, before the emergence of gross bodies upon earth, and become a part of our collective consciousness and vast literature through latent memories and creative flashes.

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Whether such a revelation happened to Veda Vyasa or to any other sage, we would never know. Therefore, we will better leave the matter to historians and scholars to debate and discuss. What is more important is to know that the Bhagavad-Gita is a divine message for the troubled humanity and it provides many solutions to our daily problems which will help us balance our temporal needs and worldly concerns with our spiritual goals.

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Krishna advises Arjuna of a better idea of dharma thus the general harmony and obligation. Krishna strengthens his point of view by expounding on several examples of Yoga processes. He describes yoga ways are those comprised of, devotional service, action, mediation, and knowledge. This is some of the themes highlighted in Bhagavad Gita. However, Krishna does not exclude the physical world and does not propose it to be left out.

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The book consists of a smooth flow of events that brings out it relevance and meaning to the whole theme that knowledge is better than physical world or actions. At first he was prepared to battle and ordered Krishna to take his chariot in between the armies. Then he acquires advice a warrior has a duty to hold the Yoga path by trying to solve issues through welfare. Krishna directs his teachings on the path of knowledge. Krisma summarizes the Yogas through eighteen chapters but there are three key yogas that have been particularly emphasized. They include; bhakti Yoga (Devotion), Karma Yoga (Selfless action) Jnana Yoga (Self transcending knowledge). Although each path differs in its own way, the good thing is that they all lead towards a specific target or goal. The Bhagavad Gita gives three stages that give direction towards self realization. They include Brahmaam which is the impersonal universal energy, The Paramatma which is the supreme soul that is in the hearts of people, Bhagavan thus God as a personality. The main purpose is to show that knowledge is better than strength.