~Mark TwainHonesty is never seen sitting astride the fence.

Clemens otherwise known as Mark Twain.

Mark Twain’s book is a well-known classic.

In “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” by Mark Twain, the two main characters, Huck and Jim, find peace on the Mississippi as they spend endless nights floating down stream....

~Mark Twain, 1898Reality is bad enough.

~Mark Twain, Man is least himself when he talks in his own person.

Huck Finn does not promote racism because all derogatory or racist remarks are presented as a window to life during the 1850s, in a satirical context, or to show Mark Twain's moral views on racism....

~Mark Twain, listed as "attributed," in  edited by Alex Ayres, 1987

Hereturned in the course of an hour, nearlyout of breath, and thinking he had immortalized himself, threw hisgiant frame in a tragic attitude, and exclaimed, with an eloquentexpression: "If that thar fire hadn't bin put out, thar'd a’ bin thegreatest confirmation of the age!"
by Mark Twain.

Further humorous anecdotes followed, including:
(1 May, 1852).
(8May, 1852).
(9September, 1852).
(16 September, 1952).
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(4November, 1852).

Sam used a pen name for the first time in September, 1852, signinghimself as “W.

To appreciate Mark Twain, one must study his life, his literature and his legacy.

What is Man? and Other Essays, by Mark Twain

General Charles Langdon was not at home at the time, but uponhis return he gave Mr. Lewis a check for one thousand dollars. Mr. andMrs. Langdon were the parents of the wife of Samuel Clemens (MarkTwain). Mr. Clemens, who was visiting in the Langdon home at the time,gave Mr. Lewis fifty dollars and a set of his books personallyinscribed.

And Other Stories, by Mark Twain ..

Fellow compatriot and author, William Faulkner dubbed Mark Twain “the father of American Literature ( Jelliffe, 1956).” The use of numerous pen names and article submissions to obscure newspapers make an accurate compilation of his work difficult to ascertain.


Mr. Lewis was able to clear his sixty-four-acre farm of allencumbrance. Furthermore, he entered the employ of Mr. Langdon ascoachman and faithfully performed his duties for many years. He andMark Twain became intimate friends and spent much time together. Theywere frequently photographed together. Whenever the noted writervisited the Langdons - and much of his writing took place on the QuarryFarm, which Mr. Lewis cultivated - these two friends were oftentogether. Twain was a good judge of mankind and one day, in referringto Mr. Lewis in a picture of both of them, said, "The colored man. . .is John T. Lewis, a friend of mine. These many years - thirty-four infact. He was my father-in-law’s coachman forty years ago; was manyyears a farmer of Quarry Farm, and is still my neighbor. I have notknown an honester man nor a more respect-worthy one. Twenty-seven yearsago, by the prompt and intelligent exercise of his courage, presence ofmind and extraordinary strength, he saved the lives of three relativesof mine, whom a runaway horse was hurrying to destruction. Naturally Ihold him in high and grateful regard."
, by Freeman Ankrum.

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Twain reported, “The instant he found himself possessed ofmoney, he forgot himself in a plan to make his old father comfortable,who is wretchedly poor and lives down in Maryland.”

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In the following paper, we will see if Mark Twain used this to show a true emotional bond between Huckleberry Finn and, the negro, Jim or if he used them to make the statement that these two races could live as one....