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This is a collection of fifteen essays, some already published and others I’vewritten for the volume. The old items (all revised at least a little) includeessays on silent film, Japanese cinema, Hong Kong film, European film, and classicand contemporary Hollywood. The new pieces include a survey of film poetics asa research tradition and research program, an essay on what I call “networknarratives,” and an essay on staging in early CinemaScope films. The volumewill run about 500 book pages, with 500 illustrations. From .

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Perforce, Trump/Bannon will be less crude. They will deregulate as much as they can. For-profit institutions can then return to their merry, money-making, often corrupt ways. In contrast, students and scholars on visas will be overly regulated, under the rubric of extreme vetting. “Dreamers” may be deported. Global academic talent will go elsewhere; local academic talent will be sent elsewhere. (Fortunately, a number of prestigious college and university presidents did publically protest that first presidential executive order on immigration, and Leon Botstein published a strong op-ed in the New York Times.) Money for research will be cut, especially if it is to be spent on climate change, the arts, or the humanities. If Trump/Bannon find a campus lawless and disorderly, they can threaten to take away federal money, as Trump did in a tweet after a protest gone awry at Berkeley.

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Women and Gender Studies Videotapes in the Media Resources Center, UC Berkeley