Old English Literature Beowulf movie"

The Danes are helpless against theseattacks until the hero Beowulf arrives to aid them.

Beowulf and his men hurried onward.

The Beowulf movie is fun to watch, but to really appreciate the Beowulf story and understand the Beowulf movie, one should read the original Beowulf poem.

The poem then jumps fifty years intothe future when Beowulf is in old age and king of the Geats.

He addressed Beowulf: "Once again help rests with you alone.

Dave is an average comic lover that turns into a superhero without the qualities many of the iconic superheroes posses that follow the superhero conventions, such as “extraordinary power, skills and equipment” (Chopra)....

A hero is a person who does something special or out of the ordinary in order to help others.

This being the case, a superhero is nothing more then someone who is a hero, but not just that once and for that one person, but someone who helps many people, or leads them....

Consequently, the poem ends in mourning forboth Beowulf and his nation.

Looking back, it is easy to see why superheroes are not real.

Following the elements of what make up a masculine superhero, the author describes the biggest driving force of this idea of masculinity which succeeds to sway society: the human body.

Being a hero is more than being the strongest person around.

Beowulf & Grendel - SLIM custom

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There are everyday heroes that exist in our world.

Manny Pacquiao
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A fighter
A Government Official
Loyal to his Country
A lieutenant Colonel in The
Philippine Army
A Warrior
The King
Loyal to his people Country
Won 8 titles at 8 different weight classes.
Owns a lottery outlet in the Philippine Government.
Pushed laws through to help stop human trafficking
Started a Foundation to stop Poverty.
Killed Grendel and His mother
Became King of The Geats for 50 years
Protected the Country from on coming attacks
Killed a dragon
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My hero, though, is my grandfather, D.S.

Now for a time there is glory in your strength, or fire's fangs, orflood's surge, or sword's swing, or spear's fight, or appalling age; brightness of eyeswill fail and grow dark; then it shall be that death will overcome you, warrior." ( Nortonp.49 ) This warning can be given today as well, because it applies to American societyjust as it did to Beowulf's, if not more.

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Batman’s tragic past and human traits make him more relatable to audiences of current superhero films than superman who was born with his godlike abilities....

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However, one of the Danes, Unferth by name, was jealous of the attention given to Beowulf, and seeking to stir up a quarrel he spoke: "Are you the Beowulf who foolishly challenged Breca to a swimming contest, risking your lives in the deep water?