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One benefit of homework is that it helps the student develop essential skills.

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There are countless ways in which a good and hearty laugh has been beneficial to humanity. Now its backed by some research too. According to some researchers, laughter might be the best medicine for many problems. So here I have 5 more healthy reasons to add in the ever growing list of the benefits of a good Laugh.

Data, however, is increasingly growing covering the benefits or lack thereof on this subject....

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When a child comes to the age when he has the ability to reason, he usually puts his reason to use by making a nuisance of himself back-talking to his parents or trying catch them in some error or fallacy, but during this time the young mind's new abilities should be directed towards profitable mental exercises. Formal logic and the proofs of geometry can be a great aid during this time, so that the student learns the rules that guide sound thinking. There are many areas that can be used to provide good practice material for the young mind.. History supplies many events that involve questions of morality which require a good deal of discussion and careful reasoning to work through. Theology also gives many opportunities for debate; even though our discussion must be seasoned with reverence for the subject matter as well as our opponents, fundamentally we can see theological debate as a very healthy and beneficial activity. A less controversial area is that of mathematics; for thousands of years the geometry text written by the ancient Greek mathematician Euclid has provided a beautifully constructed series of geometrical proofs that, with guidance, any perceptive child can work through with great benefit to their thinking skills.

This means that it is manufactured within the mother’s mammary gland, and its components are tailored exclusively for the benefit of her baby.

Many people, most of whom know absolutely nothing about the sport, do not realize that playing golf regularly can add five years to their life span and also have many other well-being-related benefits (“Health” par....

There are many benefits of breastfeeding including the immunoglobulins that can be found in the colostrum produced by the mother.

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There are many physical and emotional benefits of laughter. Laughter enhances the relaxation of the entire body. A good laughter relaxes your muscles by relieving physical stress and tension. Laughter also facilitates the release of endorphins. Endorphins are body’s feel-good chemicals that help in reducing pain and promoting an overall sense of wellbeing. Laughter serves to enhance the immune system. Laughter is the best boost of an immune system as it facilitates the eradication of stress hormones and increases the release of infection-fighting antibodies and immune cells. Also, laughter serves to protect the heart. A good healthy laughter facilitates the good flow of blood in the vessels which helps in averting cases of heart attack or heart failure and other related cardiovascular problems.

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The best satire does not seek to do harm or damage by its ridicule, unless we speak of damage to the structure of vice, but rather it seeks to create a shock of recognition and to make vice repulsive so that the vice will be expunged from the person or society under attack or from the person or society intended to benefit by the attack (regardless of who is the immediate object of attack); whenever possible this shock of recognition is to be conveyed through laughter or wit: the formula for satire is one of honey and medicine.

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Lindsey Graham, Republican, South Carolina introduced legislation that would let workers invest up to $1,300 of their payroll taxes each year and would make gradual cuts in traditional benefits, reducing the payouts below what Social Security now promises....

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