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The letterpress edition of The Papers of Benjamin Franklin is available from .

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In the works by Daniel Defoe, Benjamin Franklin, and Adam Smith, I am able to analyze how both individual and collective improvement are related through the habit and practice required to make progress possible.

The amount of effort Benjamin Franklin put into being educated and successful is motivational.

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Benjamin Franklin loved experimenting with human minds. He believed in the imperfection of human beings and loved exploring the nooks and corners of human emotion. Thus his interest in human psychology provoked him to justify human behavior and be tolerant. This was also a dominant characteristic of Benjamin Franklin writings. “The Whistle” by Benjamin Franklin is one such short story dealing with the introspection and perception of the outer world by a small child. It establishes the distinction drawn between a necessary and unnecessary thing in the life of a man of mediocre stature. This piece uses a lot of symbolism when the narrator refers to the “whistle” to refer to his past and is a good plot with a good purpose.

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Contains a downloadable teacher’s guide and reproducible worksheet for students. Students can use the site to learn interesting facts about Benjamin Franklin, test their knowledge of him with an interactive quiz, and meet Benjamin Franklin scholar Walter Isaacson.

Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston on January 17, 1706.

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In this paper we will look at Benjamin Franklin’s and Jonathan Edwards’ views of mankind by looking at personal background, religious views, and evidence in their writings.

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Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, lends itself to be an indispensible literary work that reinforces and challenges the core values and ideals that Benjamin Franklin expresses in his Autobiography.

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Many look at Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography as your typical rags to riches tale yet, the truth and falsehood throughout the pages is unknown, raising many questions and concerns....

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(Ben Franklin The Electric Franklin 1) Franklin’s expectations make his successes so much more impactful because of his ability to be a leader from a young age and represent America as a powerful nation....

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Benjamin Franklin was the youngest of ten sons of a Boston soap and candle maker, had little formal schooling, and was trained in adolescence as a printer's apprentice....

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Students learn to interpret Franklin’s wit and wisdom by paraphrasing his aphorisms. Lesson extensions challenge students to think deeply about the historical context of his writing and its pertinence to the present-day. (Grades 6-8)

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Using a kite and key, Ben Franklin was able to learn the basics of electricity that would later be used as a basis for what we know about electricity today.