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Perkins believes the continuation of programs like this through the grant can have long-term impact in the community. “It is one of those areas where you have to work as a group,” Perkins says. “Theatre can foster communication.”

The aim of this paper is to heighten awareness of another type ofpotential deficiency that has become more prevalent—the sense ofbelonging.

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Based on a greater understanding, we maybe more able to diagnose problems that arise out of a lack ofbelongingness and suggest more rationally formulated individual andsocial actions for promoting or restoring a sense of belonging.

This problem is more relevant today because the postmodern conditionhas intensified alienation.

Disconnection from belonging worksin the opposite direction—folks feel their lives become lessmeaningful, or even meaningless.

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While a lack or problem in certain components may not throw the overall“vital balance” off, when enough factors that deplete the sense ofbelongingness begin to accumulate, the person begins to consciously orunconsciously suffer.

When you make that kind of connection, you feel sortof like they belong to you as much as you belong to them.

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It’simportant for family to promote and validate this active component ofbelonging because it gives the feeling a deeper kind of rooted-ness.

Some parents and school systems don’t arrange their operations so thatchildren can experience their usefulness.

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The term,belongingness, then, is more understandable and inclusive of ourbroader, more complex and life-long needs for feeling connected.
Belonging-ness differs from nutrition in that it is composed of activeas well as passive elements, involving what you give as well as whatyou get.

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To say again,objective belonging (as observed from the outside) may not result inpeople feeling belongingness (deep inside).
Since the dynamic of belongingness hasn’t been widely appreciated, someof its component elements haven’t been widely understood.

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The point to note, though, is that the hunger for belongingness, forhuman interchange, for feeling appreciated and the need for strokeexchange was for the most part overlooked not only by professionals,but was also not appreciated by clients and other people—the symptomswere not uncommon, but a good diagnosis (in the sense of assessing thestate of basic belongingness) was rare.
Belonging-ness in a way is like good overall physical nutrition—itdoesn’t depend on any single source.

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Even though the Coca Cola Company takes the necessary steps to try to capture the market share in the communities belonging to the Jones Soda Company, the consumers may be so loyal to the Jones Soda Brand that they are not willing to try the Cocoa Cola brand of products. Coca Cola may have to try and market their products in an advertisement paralleled to the Jones Soda Company Brand.

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They tend to feel as if they could just willthemselves into positive connectivity.

Alas, there’s a germ of truth to this: People can learn a variety ofways to increase their capacity to make contacts and belong more, andlearning these techniques, skills, and practices should be encouraged.