She is the eldest of two daughters born to Hyman and Mollie Baurmind.

For instance, firstborns may become resentful towards his or her younger sibling.

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In conclusion, the suggestion that the resurrection story is supposed to be symbolic only is simply without merit. I suppose there are actual people who hold this view - I suggest that they have not examined the Biblical text closely. Until someone comes up with a plausible symbolic meaning for all the details, the suggestion must be considered frivolous.

When children are being picked up they always have a couple of questions for their parents.

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For most pre-industrial cultures, life's last chapter has been a bitterone. Surviving folklore reflects widespread resignation as to theinevitability of impoverishment, sexual impotence, failing health andvitality, and the loss of family and community status. No one expected theimpossible. Such euphemisms as "golden years" and "senior citizens" didnot exist.

Stephanie - Kowloon, Being a middle child meant that sometimes I was the “center” of attention.

Now, though the possibilities for danger in the settings mentioned above may seem quite obvious to you, yet most people do not see them — so very widespread is our adherence to a materialistic philosophy. Nevertheless, people are perhaps a little better aware of the dangers of these eccentric situations than of the less dramatic settings represented by position in the family. I am focusing my attention today on the oldest and youngest children, because I feel that the children in these positions are very likely to be overlooked. We should, all of us, become sensitized towards them, and particularly toward the oldest — the child.

This is absolutely necessary to protect the privacy of the children being observed.

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Furthermore, one could say the effects of being a child/children with only one parent, or neither parents, can cause psychological/heath problem, decrease cognitive/academic abilities, and lastly cause children to suffer from antisocial behavior.

Middle Or Youngest Child Shapes Your Personality.

At this point, we could all agree that the earth is 10,000 years old but God created it so that it appears to be older. Nobody could absolutely disprove this assertion. It looks older and it all fits together sensibly, so the scientists can continue with their research. Fundamentalist Christians can maintain the 6x24 accuracy of Genesis. Christians can concentrate on the Great Commission, and atheists will have to think up other ways to "bait" us. We can all go home now.

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The girl who spoke to the wolf (in Perrault's account) and the girl whovisited Frau Trude were adequately warned by their parents but stillyielded to temptations that, as it turned out, were fatal. The wolf andthe witch in these two stories are believable symbols of real threats tochildren in any era. The children relaxed their guard and were destroyedby the evils that well-meaning adults had warned them about. In somestories, however, it is not evil per se that takes the disobedient child,but God himself:

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Often in families oldest child becomes not only older sister or brother but also teacher and caregiver for younger child, that directly influence on the both parties: oldest child develops responsibility, becomes more self-concern and quick learner, whereas...

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An unusual (at least for twentieth-century taste) statue stands guardat in Bern, Switzerland. High on a pedestal at the ,in the center of the old city, stands an ogre, surrounded by terrified children. He hascaptured a half dozen children. They are in his pockets and arms, allawaiting the fate of the one whose head he has taken entirely into hismouth. Since about 1545 this statue has graphically warned Swiss childrenof the potentially dire consequences of disobedience.