What are some important qualities of a good supervisor (boss)?

it will reveal the different and similar qualities of supervisor-subordinate relationships....

What are the important qualities of a good son or daughter?

I am working on a different eye lifestyle. With all the computer and iphone use and close up work on brightly lit–from-behind monitors without natural light and especially under fluorescent light, our eyes are straining all day long, and they do not get a break nor do they have the variety of sight experiences for healthy sight including eye exercise for looking out, horizon gazing if you will, at the clouds, the mountains, as far as you can see of the ocean or the fields. This upclose without looking out or without looking from side to side every 20-30 minutes leads not only to myopia, near sightedness, and the need for reading glasses, but also to MD. I learned about cataracts and detached retina as well. With all the city lights as well as with our iphones by our bedsides or other electric light or switch with a glow on in our bedrooms, our eyes do not have the total darkness that they need to rest, which breaks down the eye system. With our wearing corrective lenses whether glasses or contacts, or readers, our eyes continue to weaken over time, I mean, who was the last person you knew who went for an eye check up who wears glasses or contacts and the eye doctor or optomotrist said, Hey you don’t need glasses anymore.? Who was the last person you know of who uses, say 1.25 readers at 40 years of age, and 1.50 readers at 50 years of age, and on it goes, a lot as the readers do not strengthen the eyes, they weaken them. And—this one might upset you but I think it has a lot of merit– with our wearing our sunglasses all the time, the retina of our eyes do not have a chance to send the signals to the brain to release melanin to protect the skin, do not have a chance to allow the eye to exercise to naturally adjust to light, and do not allow in the natural absorption of vitamin D of the sun which the eye system needs, all of which leads to more weakening of our eyes, manifested by needing our sunglasses more and more not to mention greater light sensitivity. Ah, it’s such a shame, what we are doing to ourselves with our modern conveniences (and vanity, I mean, I love my revos and all my colored reading glasses). But the medical profession is just beginning to understand the many improperties of melanin and it is largely not understood.

Supervisor will develop an assessment of the staff member’s skill level.

What are some of the important qualities of a good roommate?

But it’s a lot, like finding at UPenn Medicine the 18-22 medical specialists who can be consulted when needed. Like figuring out PT and OT when the facility is a few miles away. Like figuring out the location of the dorm room where and what and how big and accessibility given that all doors are card swiped, and figuring out tuition and cost of nursing care and what the days should be like. After all, Archer needs help 24-7 and during the day, opening doors, holding doors, taking his hoodies on and off, charging his phone and ipad, putting food on a plate or tray, giving his credit card or meal plan card to a cashier, being fed, having his Camel back water pack refilled, emptying his cath bag, getting the hair out of his face if windblown, putting his foot back on the foot plates of his chair if one falls off the plate, letting him know if there are people behind him when he turns in his chair, etc. Basically being his hands and his eyes when he can’t turn his body to see. And yet, how debilitating that could be to have someone with him all day long, who did these things, but also it seems would be a barrier to his making friends and having to rely on the good will of others. Interactions with others and college friendships are as important as the academics and quality of teaching it seems to us. So, it’s as if we need a somebody in close proximity but who is invisible until Archer needs him or her. We will have to work on that.

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Please say a prayer that good decisions will be made by those who have the power and insight and foresight and wisdom to make such determinations for such coverage, this week in particular, tomorrow. He needs this help and coverage for his body to have the chance. We hope for Archer’s medical future of services and our family’s quality of life, weak as we can feel, and hopeful of Archer’s future. We do not know how the Creative Miracle will continue to reveal itself. Please say a prayer that whatever happens, it will be good for Archer. Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart. You have been there with us right by Archer’s side, thank you again.

Demonstrating Communication Skills Communication is one of the most important skills a supervisor has....

A good planner is essential to being a good supervisor.

Yes, there is so much to figure out. And I know that the way to start is always by shoring up relationships and resources as the safety net and the web gets created. We do have a relationship with the head doc at the McGee Hospital and Spinal Cord Institute in Philadelphia where we took Archer for evaluations and for second opinions last spring and early summer, so that resource factored in to his choice of school as well. As did the presence of a number of dear nursing friends from our summers in Cape May who live and work in Philadelphia, in particular a former lifeguard instructor when Archer and his brothers were in the Junior Lifeguard program as part of the Cape May Beach Patrol. She is now a very specialized rehab hand therapist and she loves Archer and we love her. I know they will form the kind of support network Archer will need because they care for him and our family. That is always the trump card. Do your caregivers care about you. Well, you know how we have built the Archer Strong team, so I don’t need to tell you that, but it always remains a litmus test. Honestly, I hope Penn can pass that litmus test. It is not lost on me that a place can be chock full of intellect and power but without heart, it lacks goodness and human vibrancy and well-being. We are hopeful Penn has these qualities for Archer. I remain open of course and hopeful.

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As she handed it to him, he stopped crying, and laughing, his little tears still glistening in the creases of his eyes. All was well. Paula smiled and she and her little friends skipped off into the house. I was so struck by how she did that unprompted on her own. Indeed there has been this quality of self-sacrifice for the good of the whole that is a chief marker in her leadership style to this day. As I think about it now, that pattern was there way back when, and hopefully in noticing it, we have helped her see how beautiful it is so long as she doesn’t lose her self or her soul or something very important in the giving away. For isn’t it often the case that that which itself is so pure and good in excess can cause us or others to suffer?