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Face 1 = basic positive behaviour management approaches using rules and consequences

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He teaches the Graduate Diploma in Specialist Educational Intervention at City University, London, and works with children and young people with a range of behavioural issues.

To ensure consistency and continuity all people involved in the behavioural management process must communicate with each other.

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Building a set of positive relationships with children involves moving from external to internal methods of controlling behaviour. To begin with, tangible incentives might be necessary with a large amount of direct praise. As the relationship builds there might be a need for a higher level of encouragement.

Many children with communication difficulties resort to inappropriate behaviours as a means of communication.

The three faces mentioned in the previous article can be seen at work in different classrooms and according to the different roles that teachers adopt. Routines need to be taught and pupils need to know what is expected. These learning behaviours can be conveyed through a mixture of instruction and coaching.

Moss and Bayley refer to the ‘Three Faces of discipline’ model to help unpick and deal with behaviour in the classroom.

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What is the whole school approach and how can it contribute to behaviour management?

Dr Holland: The whole school approach aims to address the needs of pupils, staff and the wider community not only within the curriculum, but across the whole school and learning environment.

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It is important that schools are reflective about these factors and understand how they impact on behaviour policy and practice. The authors provide a useful discipline questionnaire to help schools describe and understand their school culture a little more.

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Effective behaviour management and the development of positive behaviour are essential within schools. Not only do they facilitate quality access to the...

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The authors suggest that the ‘three faces ’ begin with a bottom-line approach using basic positive behaviour management strategies. This initial approach used at foundation periods throughout the year should then be tempered by other approaches that teachers might use according to their preferences and individual situations. Consistency but with a twist.

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The boids model is an example of an , a class of simulation used to capture the global behavior ofalarge number of interacting autonomous agents. Individual-based modelsarebeing used in biology, ecology, economics and other fields of study.

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If this is coupled with well executed behaviour management plans, we should begin to see improvements in our children’s behaviour at school and home.

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