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The voice of your paper should be as if you were explaining democracy to a child.

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America's system is based on the free market

It is the government job to protect the public and to preserve private enterprise Government and the Free Enterprise System The free enterprise system is an economic system characterized by private ownership of capital goods
Decisions are determined by the law of supply and demand
A mixed economy is an economy in which private enterprise exists in a combination with government regulation and promotion Democracy and the Internet For democracy to work, people must be widely informed about their government.
The Internet makes information widely available but users have to evaluate the information found because it is not all true.

- Valentini, L. (2010), "Justice and democracy", SJ012 Working Paper, Oxford.

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This notion is evident throughout the development of constitutional doctrines in Greek democracy, Aristotle’s political theory, Roman Republicanism, and English Constitutionalism....

- Forst, R. (2011), "Transnational Justice and Democracy", Normative Orders Working Paper 04/2011.

Democracy and the Internet
With 180 million Americans having access to the internet it is clear that cyberspace has become a major marketplace and channel of communication.
The internet helps democracy by informing the public about the government.

Alexis De Tocqueville explains that the foundations of the democratic process in America are completely different from anywhere else on the globe....

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Today, the majority of democratic countries in the world are republics, i.e. officials are elected. Some well-established democratic countries in Europe, however, (the United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg and the Scandinavian countries) are constitutional monarchies, i.e. a king or queen is head of state while the constitution guarantees nevertheless all basic rights as in any democratic republic and sets clear limits to duties and competences of the monarch. Such a king can be regarded as a stabilizing factor rather than as a danger for a democracy. Therefore the classical definition of democracy is little helpful - at least concerning monarchy.

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Individual freedom is difficult to define, though a general meaning is illustrated by a quote from Oliver Wendell Holmes, “The right to swing my fist ends where another man’s nose begins.” Enforcing people to wear their seat belt against their will is an example of how America has failed to secure the one of most important foundation of democracy.